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Business Card means a Business Visa Debit Card.
Business Card means Business Visa Debit Card.
Business Card means a credit card or charge card issued to —

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Business card or 8 cmdiscs are not supported by this system.Load the first 5 or 6 discs flat, as seen in figure 1.Load the rest of the discs at an angle, against the wide input rod, as seen in figure 2.The G3 Auto Printer will hold a maximum of 50 discs.

For full details on services and insurances included in Visa Business card, please see,«Professionnels» section.

Send Business Card (My Business card) : the path to the directory on this computer that contains your electronic business card.

Raiffeisen Accountant Account PackageVisa Business or MasterCard Business card (1pc)40 40 The card fee is not charged for the first year.

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Business Card means, as appropriate, a VISA, MasterCard or any other credit card issued by RAKBANK to a Business Cardholder and includes any replacement, reissued or renewed Credit Card(s).
Business Card means a Suncorp Clear Options Business Credit Card.
Business Card means a Nedbank Small Business credit card we issue for use by the small business owner.
Business Card means either one or more VISA® credit cards and any duplicates, renewals or substitutions we issue to the borrower or to any designated authorized user(s). The words, “Company,” "you," "your," and "yours" mean the borrower and all cardholders (borrowers, co-borrowers and or guarantors); anyone any borrower or cardholder permits to use the Card(s); as well as any authorized user for whom an additional Card(s) is issued to the extent of their purchases and cash advances, as well as transactions by anyone they permit to use the Card(s). The word "cardholder" means any borrower as well as any person the borrower designates as a cardholder. The words "Credit Union," "we," "us," and "our" mean South Carolina Federal Credit Union.
Business Card or "myPOS Business Card", or previously issued and still not expired cards for the Service, collectively called "Card", means a payment instrument with the logos of iPay and one of the Card Organizations, providing possibility for the cardholder to submit payment orders for payment on POS and in Internet, or ATM transactions, such as cash withdrawal or balance check. The Card is linked to the account of Client for e-money. Card is always personalized with personalized security characteristics, such as PAN, expiry date, CHIP & PIN based, CVV or CVC or similar characteristics, with or without cardholder names embossed. "Additional card" means a card, which is linked to the account of Client for e-money, with or without Client's names or close associates of Client, embossed on Card. Cardholders of additional cards, different from Client, do not have account for e-money and use the stored value of Client.
Business Card means, as appropriate, a VISA, MasterCard or any xl. “Digital Services” means the Digital electronic service madethe Customer and the Business Cardholder to be bound by theseafter the relevant funds have been received for value by RAKBANKother credit card issued by RAKBANK (including the Primary Cardavailable by RAKBANK, itself or through a Provider to Customers andTerms and Conditions and for which purpose the Customer herebyin United Arab Emirates and converted to the billing currency.and Additional Card) to a Business Cardholder and includes anyBusiness Cardholders having Card Accounts whereby the Businessappoints all Business Cardholder(s) as its agent for this purpose xii. Fees as prescribed by RAKBANK shall be payable for additional servicesreplacement, reissued or renewed credit card.
Business Card means an IDBI Bank VISA / Master card or any other Credit Card issued by IDBI Bank at the request of the Applicant.