Sponsors Sample Clauses

Sponsors. The Contest sponsor is Metroland Media Group Ltd. (“Sponsor”).
Sponsors. This agreement does not limit my ability to enter into a commercial relationship with a third party, including third parties who are competitors of USA Gym’s sponsors or suppliers. I recognize, however, the important role played by the sponsors of USA Gym, USA Gym events and the Team in helping to fund and promote the Team and my participation on the Team. Accordingly, when I am presented with a commercial opportunity I will, where I conclude in my sole discretion that to do so will not jeopardize that opportunity, give to an existing USA Gym sponsor in the same product category the right, and a reasonable period of time within which to exercise the right, to match the terms and conditions of any offer made to me by a competitor of that sponsor. I understand that I am not permitted to convey to my sponsors any marketing rights associated with USA Gym or the Team. By way of example, I am not permitted to wear Team apparel or refer to my membership on the Team in advertising and promotions conducted by sponsors who are not sponsors of USA Gym. USA Gym has provided to me as Exhibit B to this Agreement a list of USA Gym's sponsors and suppliers.
Sponsors. We may enter into national and international sponsorships. If so, You may use Our national or international sponsors in Your advertising and promotional materials unless it conflicts with existing sponsorships. Any local sponsor You obtain cannot be in competition with Our national or international sponsors. You may in Your discretion accept or not any sponsorships.
Sponsors. University reserves the right to engage sponsors for the Event. Artist may obtain sponsors for the Event; provided, however that the University reserves the right to approve all such sponsorships in writing.
Sponsors. 4.1 The Producer agrees to advise CAPITAL THEATRES of any national or tour sponsor of the Production as soon as reasonably practicable after the date of the Performance Agreement. CAPITAL THEATRES will include acknowledgement of this sponsor in any marketing material for the Production prepared by CAPITAL THEATRES provided that any logo or specific form of acknowledgement has been received by CAPITAL THEATRES within four weeks of the date of the Performance Agreement and that any logo or acknowledgement does not conflict with CAPITAL THEATRES house style. No advertisement for this sponsor will be exhibited on stage or in the auditorium during performances of the Production or in front of house, bars or hospitality rooms without the prior consent of CAPITAL THEATRES. The Producer will indemnify CAPITAL THEATRES in respect of any liability incurred by CAPITAL THEATRES in respect of any such marketing material or advertisement.
Sponsors. For each Owner Membership accepted by CART the entrant may be entitled to a maximum of twenty (20) credentials per accepted membership for team sponsors. These credentials will permit access to the facility and restricted areas during CART activities. Access to the pit area will be terminated thirty (30) minutes prior to the start of and during the CART race. Each credential purchased hereunder shall apply to all CART sanctioned events during the season and shall be purchased at a cost equivalent to the sum of $45.00 for each permanent race circuit on the schedule and $55.00 for each temporary race circuit on the schedule. Revenues derived from such purchases will be divided equally among all CART Organizer/Promoters.
Sponsors. A reasonable number of CART sponsors will be issued credentials as determined by CART. These credentials will permit access to the facility and restricted areas including the pit area at all times during any CART Event. At specified Events, a limited number of special credentials will issued to allow only necessary and appropriate personnel access to the pit area thirty (30) minutes prior to and during the CART race; Each CART sponsor shall be entitled to a maximum of five (5) credentials at no charge. Additional credentials may be purchased at a cost of $500.00 each per season. Revenues derived from such purchase less $50.00 per credential will be divided equally among all CART Organizer/Promoters. EVENT CREDENTIALS (PROVIDED BY THE ORGANIZER/PROMOTER)
Sponsors. The University reserves the right to engage outside sponsors for this engagement. Artist may not engage outside sponsors for his performance without the written permission of the University.
Sponsors. Artist acknowledges Owner and/or third parties designated by Owner may be promoted as having been sponsored by the following individuals or entities (collectively, the “Sponsors”)I: N/A