Termination Right Sample Clauses

Termination Right. The Representative shall have the right to terminate this Agreement at any time prior to any Closing Date, (i) if any domestic or international event or act or occurrence has materially disrupted, or in its opinion will in the immediate future materially disrupt, general securities markets in the United States; or (ii) if trading on any Trading Market shall have been suspended or materially limited, or minimum or maximum prices for trading shall have been fixed, or maximum ranges for prices for securities shall have been required by FINRA or by order of the Commission or any other government authority having jurisdiction, or (iii) if the United States shall have become involved in a new war or an increase in major hostilities, or (iv) if a banking moratorium has been declared by a New York State or federal authority, or (v) if a moratorium on foreign exchange trading has been declared which materially adversely impacts the United States securities markets, or (vi) if the Company shall have sustained a material loss by fire, flood, accident, hurricane, earthquake, theft, sabotage or other calamity or malicious act which, whether or not such loss shall have been insured, will, in the Representative’s opinion, make it inadvisable to proceed with the delivery of the Securities, or (vii) if the Company is in material breach of any of its representations, warranties or covenants hereunder, or (viii) if the Representative shall have become aware after the date hereof of such a material adverse change in the conditions or prospects of the Company, or such adverse material change in general market conditions as in the Representative’s judgment would make it impracticable to proceed with the offering, sale and/or delivery of the Securities or to enforce contracts made by the Underwriters for the sale of the Securities.
Termination Right. You will have a right to terminate this Contract within 21 days after receiving a notice of a step down under clause 5(d) with effect from the day the step down occurs. You will also have the right to rescind any such termination before the end of those 21 days.
Termination Right. A “Termination Right” means any right of Tenant to cancel or terminate the Lease or to claim a partial or total eviction arising (whether under the Lease or under applicable law) from Landlord’s breach or default under the Lease.
Termination Right. Tenant shall give Landlord immediate written notice of any damage to the Premises. Subject to the provisions of Paragraph 9.2, if the Premises or the Building shall be damaged to such an extent that there is substantial interference for a period exceeding 90 consecutive days with the conduct by Tenant of its business at the Premises, Tenant, at any time prior to commencement of repair of the Premises and following 10 days written notice to Landlord, may terminate this Lease effective 30 days after delivery of such notice to Landlord. Such termination shall not excuse the performance by Tenant of those covenants which under the terms hereof survive termination. Rent shall be abated in proportion to the degree of interference during the period that there is such substantial interference with the conduct of Tenant's business at the Premises. Abatement of rent and Tenant's right of termination pursuant to this provision shall be Tenant's sole remedy for failure of Landlord to keep in good order, condition and repair the foundations and exterior walls of the Building, Building roof, utility systems outside the Building and the Common Areas.
Termination Right. If, on or before the expiration of the Due Diligence Period, Purchaser shall determine that it no longer intends to acquire the Property for any reason or no reason, and in Purchaser’s sole discretion, then Purchaser shall promptly notify Seller of such determination in writing on or before 5:00 p.m. (Eastern time) on the date that the Due Diligence Period shall expire (such notice being herein called the “Termination Notice”), whereupon the Deposit shall be promptly returned to Purchaser, without the consent or joinder of Seller being required and notwithstanding any instructions to the contrary which Seller may provide to Escrowee, and this Agreement and the obligations of the parties hereunder shall terminate (and no party hereto shall have any further obligations in connection herewith except under those provisions that expressly survive the Closing or a termination of this Agreement). In no event shall Purchaser be required to provide Seller with a basis for its termination of this Agreement. In the event that Purchaser shall fail to deliver the Termination Notice to Seller on or before 5:00 p.m. (Eastern time) on the date that the Due Diligence Period shall expire, TIME BEING OF THE ESSENCE, Purchaser shall be deemed to have waived its right to terminate this Agreement pursuant to this Section 4.2.2 and to have agreed that it intends to proceed with the acquisition of the Property without a reduction in, or an abatement of or credit against, the Purchase Price (and, thereafter, Purchaser shall have no further right to terminate this Agreement pursuant to this Section 4.2.2).
Termination Right. 11.2.1 If, at any time, an Event of Default has occurred and is continuing, the Non-Defaulting Party may designate a day as an early termination date (the "Early Termination Date") in respect of all outstanding Transactions between the Parties by giving not more than 20 days' notice to the Defaulting Party. This notice shall specify the relevant Event of Default. The Early Termination Date may not be earlier than the day the notice is effective.
Termination Right. You acknowledge and agree that any breach of the Business Conduct Clauses set out in this Contract will be deemed a material breach of contract entitling us to terminate this Contract at any time and with immediate effect, without any obligation to pay any outstanding fees or make any other payment. We shall not be obliged to compensate any loss suffered by you as the result of termination under this Termination Right.
Termination Right. The Non-Breaching Party shall have the right to terminate this Agreement, upon written notice, in the event that the Breaching Party has not cured such material breach within the Cure Period, provided, however, that if such breach is capable of cure but cannot be cured within the Cure Period, and the Breaching Party commences actions to cure such material breach within the Cure Period and thereafter diligently continue such actions, the Breaching Party shall have an additional [ ]* to cure such breach. If a Party contests such termination pursuant to the dispute resolution procedures under Section 13.3, such termination shall not be effective until a conclusion of the dispute resolution procedures in Section 13.3, as applicable, resulting in a determination that there has been a material breach that was not cured within the Cure Period (which Cure Period shall be tolled for the period from notice of such dispute until resolution of such dispute pursuant to Section 13.3 or abandonment of such dispute by the disputing Party).
Termination Right. If Buyer, in its sole and absolute discretion, determines not to proceed with the Transaction or is not satisfied with any matters relating to the Property, Buyer may Terminate this Agreement by written notice to Seller at any time on or prior to the Due Diligence Deadline. If Buyer does not timely exercise such right to Terminate this Agreement, then Buyer shall be deemed to have accepted the condition of the Property (subject to Seller's compliance with the representations, warranties and covenants of this Agreement, and the conditions set forth in Paragraph 10) and shall thereafter have no right to Terminate this Agreement on account of such Due Diligence termination right under this Paragraph 4.5. If after the Due Diligence Deadline Buyer conducts further Due Diligence, Buyer acknowledges and agrees that Buyer shall have no further right to terminate this Agreement with respect to such further Due Diligence or otherwise in accordance with this Paragraph 4.5 after the Due Diligence Deadline.