Price Changes Sample Clauses

Price Changes. Our storage charges will be as quoted to You for the first 26 weeks of storage. After 26 weeks, We may change the storage charges from time to time on giving 28 days’ written notice to You.
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Price Changes. Unless otherwise agreed with the Trader, the Distributor may not change its Prices more than once in any period of 12 consecutive months, unless a change is a material increase to 1 or more existing Prices and arises in connection with a change in:
Price Changes. Pricing for all Products shall remain in effect during the term of this Agreement unless mutually agreed upon in writing by both Distributor and Subdistributor. In the event that Distributor reduces the price of the Products or the Instruments ordered by Subdistributor, Distributor may, in its sole discretion and upon Subdistributor’s written request within thirty (30) days of each shipment, issue a credit to Subdistributor in the amount of the price reduction applicable to that shipment.
Price Changes. Prices (provided by way of a Quotation or a Price List) are subject to change to the prices in effect at the time of delivery. Seller reserves the right to make any corrections to prices quoted due to clerical errors or errors of omission. In the event of any specific requirements (including without limitation any design, specification, ordered quantity, or shipment changes) representing a price increase, Buyer will be notified and afforded an opportunity to confirm.
Price Changes. Prices quoted on all bids, are the maximum for a period of 365 days from the date the contract becomes effective. Requested changes may include increases or decreases in price and must be accompanied by supporting information indicating market support of proposed modifications (such as the CPI and PPI, US City Average, as published by the US Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics).
Price Changes. OCLC reserves the right to change any price/fee, provided that OCLC provides Institution written notice of the change at least 60 days prior to the date the change is to become effective. Notwithstanding the foregoing, OCLC will not change any prices/fees contained in an agreed to price quote or renewal notice prior to the expiration of the quote or renewal notice.
Price Changes. Adjustments will be based on changes in actual Contractor costs. Any request must be supported by written evidence documenting the change in costs. The State may consider sources, such as the Consumer Price Index; Producer Price Index; other pricing indices as needed; economic and industry data; manufacturer or supplier letters noting the increase in pricing; and any other data the State deems relevant. Following the presentation of supporting documentation, both parties will have 30 days to review the information and prepare a written response. If the review reveals no need for modifications, pricing will remain unchanged unless mutually agreed to by the parties. If the review reveals that changes are needed, both parties will negotiate such changes, for no longer than 30 days, unless extended by mutual agreement. The Contractor remains responsible for Contract Activities at the current price for all orders received before the mutual execution of a Change Notice indicating the start date of the new Pricing Period.
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Price Changes. SurveyMonkey may change the fees charged to you for the Services at any time, provided that, for Services billed on a subscription basis, the change will become effective only at the end of the then-current billing cycle of your Subscription. SurveyMonkey will provide you with advance notice of any change in fees.
Price Changes. Pebble House reserves the right to amend prices and availability on the website due to errors or omissions without notice. Prices are correct at time of publication but may change without notice with the exception of confirmed bookings. Confirmed bookings will not alter. Direct Booking rates are given when booking direct with Pebble House
Price Changes. 2.2.1 Xxxx Atlantic shall change the prices for Xxxx Atlantic Ancillary Services, from time-to-time, to the extent such change is required by Applicable Law, including, but not limited to, by regulation or order of the Commission, the FCC, or other governmental entity of appropriate jurisdiction.
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