Material Breach definition

Material Breach means a breach by either Party of any of its obligations under this Agreement which has or is likely to have a Material Adverse Effect on the Project and which such Party shall have failed to cure.
Material Breach. As defined in Section 2.03(a) of this Agreement.
Material Breach means a breach (including an anticipatory breach) that is serious in the widest sense of having a serious effect on the benefit which the terminating party would otherwise derive from:

Examples of Material Breach in a sentence

  • Subject to the limitations set forth in this Agreement, failure to make such payments shall be treated as a Material Breach of the Agreement and be subject to the provisions of Article IX, below.

  • Material Breach - Failure of the CONTRACTOR to maintain the insurance required by this agreement, or to comply with any of the requirements of this section, shall constitute a material breach of the entire agreement.

  • Contractor’s failure to maintain insurance as required by this Contract constitutes a Material Breach of this Contract.

  • Prior to such termination, however, the Party seeking the termination shall give to the other Party written notice to cure the Material Breach and of the Party's intent to terminate.

  • If the Party has not entirely cured the Material Breach within thirty (30) Calendar Days of the notice, then the Party giving the notice shall have the option to: (a) terminate this Contract by giving a written notice of termination, (b) seek any remedies in this Contract, in law, or at equity, to the extent not otherwise limited by the terms of this Contract, or (c) any combination thereof.

More Definitions of Material Breach

Material Breach has the meaning set forth in Section 2.3(a).
Material Breach. With respect to any Mortgage Loan, any Breach that materially and adversely affects the value of such Mortgage Loan or the interests of the Certificateholders in the affected Mortgage Loan.
Material Breach means: a breach by the Supplier referred to by this definition in any of the following Clauses: Clause 4 and FW-21 (Warranties and Representations), FW-15 (Conflicts of Interest and Ethical Walls), Clause 24 (Disruption), Clause 7 (Supplier Staff), Clause 19 (IPR), FW-42 (Data Protection and Disclosure), Clause 21 (Confidentiality), FW-25 (Publicity, Branding Media and Official Enquiries), FW-46 (Official Secrets Acts), FW-40 (Prevention of Bribery and Corruption), FW-45 (Safeguarding against Fraud) and FW-15 (Conflicts of Interest and Ethical Walls) and Clause 40.7 (Employment, Tax and National Insurance Liabilities). any breach of this Contract which is set out in this Contract as being a material breach; any breach of this Contract which is set out as a material breach of this Contract in the Framework Agreement; any material breach of this Contract under the Law; and/or a breach which prevents the Customer from discharging a statutory duty. Maximum Price has the meaning given to it at paragraph 46.1.2 of the SOW; Mediator has the meaning given to it at Clause 36.1.8; Methodology means the description of the manner in which the Services are to be provided by the Supplier as set out in Methodology;
Material Breach means any of the following:
Material Breach means a material breach of this Call-Off Contract;
Material Breach. (11/18) means any breach of this Contract that causes, caused, or may cause substantial harm to the non-breaching Party or substantially deprives the non-breaching Party of the benefit it reasonably expected under this Contract.
Material Breach means any material breach by the Training Provider of its obligations under this Contract, which is deemed to include the Training Provider failing to: