Termination Notice definition

Termination Notice means the communication issued in accordance with this Agreement by one Party to the other Party terminating this Agreement;
Termination Notice means a written notice of termination given by one Party to the other, notifying the Party receiving the notice of the intention of the Party giving the notice to terminate this Call Off Contract on a specified date and setting out the grounds for termination;
Termination Notice means the written notice of termination of the Agreement issued by WTL.

Examples of Termination Notice in a sentence

  • If the shortfalls as intimated to the TSP are not remedied to the satisfaction of the CEA and/ or the Nodal Agency, this Agreement may be terminated by the Nodal Agency by giving a Termination Notice to the TSP, in writing, of at least seven (7) days, with a copy to CEA and the Lenders’ Representative in order to enable the Lenders to exercise right of substitution in accordance with Article 15.3 of this Agreement .

  • Your Termination Notice must include your customer account number or CAN and lease number (if applicable).

  • Upon the occurrence and continuance of any TSP’s Event of Default under Article 13.1 the Nodal Agency may serve notice on the TSP, with a copy to the CEA and the Lenders’ Representative, of their intention to terminate this Agreement (a "Nodal Agency’s Preliminary Termination Notice"), which shall specify in reasonable detail, the circumstances giving rise to such Nodal Agency’s Preliminary Termination Notice.

More Definitions of Termination Notice

Termination Notice means a notice sent by the Secretary of State to the Academy Trust, terminating this Agreement on the date specified in the notice.
Termination Notice means the Notice of Termination substantially in the form of Annex V to this Agreement.
Termination Notice means the notice of Termination by either Party to the other Party, in accordance with the applicable provisions of this Agreement.
Termination Notice is defined in Section 7.01 of the Servicing Agreement.
Termination Notice means the written notice of termination of the Agreement issued by one Party to the other in terms hereof.
Termination Notice means a notice in writing served by the relevant party on the other party under paragraph 3 of Schedule 6;
Termination Notice shall have the meaning as set forth in Section 2.3.12.