Substituting Sample Clauses

Substituting. Any member of the bargaining unit who is directed by the principal or his/her designee to substitute for another employee for a full day will be compensated at their job classification wage or the substitute teacher’s wage, whichever is greater.
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Substituting. When possible, each teacher will substitute for the other when absent. The teacher substituting shall receive the appropriate prorated substitute pay.
Substituting. No office professional or paraeducator shall be required to substitute for a teacher except in case of emergency. All substitute requirements for bargaining unit employees shall be filled through the Department of Human Resources. Employees shall not be required to obtain their own substitute.
Substituting. Bargaining unit members substituting in a position outside of their regular work assignment shall be paid at the District’s established Step 1 of the position range in which the substitute work takes place.
Substituting. All positions of substitute teachers shall be offered to teachers in the re-employment pool before any other person is offered such a position.
Substituting. In the event that one of the teachers is absent, the other teacher will be asked to substitute for the absent teacher. The teacher shall be compensated “sub” pay (per Article VI.C.4.). In the event that the teacher is called upon to be a long-term substitute, the teacher shall be compensated according to the contract (Article XXVIII, H. I. and Article VI.C.4.). In the event that a teacher leaves the job share assignment before the end of the school year, the other teacher will assume full responsibility for the position within ten (10) school days of receiving notice and will be compensated accordingly. In the event that neither participant wants to continue in the job share, the position becomes vacant and is posted.
Substituting. Except as otherwise provided for and/or authorized by law or agreement, and except in an emergency, it shall not be the practice of the Board to use members of the unit as substitutes for certificated personnel. In such an emergency, employee substituting shall be paid at 1 ½ times their normal salary. Whenever feasible, the supervisor will seek and accept volunteers. The parties agree that it is not a desirable practice to consistently use any member of this bargaining unit to cover for another employee. The district shall refrain from hiring substitutes for permanent positions within this unit. Temporary substitutes may be hired for short-term until a permanent replacement can be hired.
Substituting. The parties designated below agree that when a custodial/maintenance employee on the official recall list substitutes on a temporary basis he/she shall be paid at the substitute rate established by management. Employees on lay-off status shall not accrue sick leave, vacation time, seniority, or be paid for holidays.
Substituting. When one job share partner is absent from duty, the other job share partner will be the first call for a substitute, as they know the students and are sharing the responsibility for instructing those students. The job share partner whose non-work day it is has the opportunity to accept or refuse as any called substitute would. If they accept the otherwise non-work day assignment, they will be paid at the substitute rate for that day.
Substituting. Job-share partners will be given the first opportunity to substitute for each other. The District substitute rate shall apply.