Evaluators Sample Clauses

Evaluators. 1. Before beginning the evaluation process for any bargaining unit member, the assigned evaluator shall be required to have successfully completed the state-mandated evaluator credentialing or credentialing training and have passed said assessment.
Evaluators. The success of a program of evaluation depends upon a high level of skill and training of all participants in the process. The District shall provide annual training on the Colorado State Educator Evaluation System and ongoing training on inter-rater reliability using approved materials from the Colorado Department of Education. As required by Colorado law, all performance evaluations must be conducted by an individual who has completed a training in evaluation skills that has been approved by the Department of Education.
Evaluators. (1) Teaching faculty who apply for retention, promotion, or tenure shall be evaluated by (i) the Department Personnel Committee (DPC), (ii) the Department Chair,
Evaluators. A. It is the intent of the Board to utilize credentialed evaluators who are under contract with the Board pursuant to ORC sections 3319.01 or 3319.02 and who hold a certificate/license designated for being a superintendent, assistant superintendent, principal, vocational director, administrative specialist or supervisor to conduct Teacher evaluations.
Evaluators. The Board will ensure that persons charged with the responsibility of evaluating teachers have received appropriate training enabling them to satisfactorily carry out this responsibility.
Evaluators a. Evaluation procedures for assessing the performance of duties and responsibilities of teachers are functions and responsibilities of the administration.
Evaluators. A primary evaluator shall be identified for each licensed employee. The evaluator is a building administrator or designee assigned to monitor and evaluate the performance of a licensed employee.
Evaluators. Each evaluator must successfully complete state-mandated evaluator credentialing training and is required to pass a credentialing assessment.
Evaluators. A. An evaluator must be a credentialed contracted employee of the district which would include the building administrators and the central administrative staff.
Evaluators. 1. The appropriate Central Office Administrator/Manager or other designee of the superintendent evaluates employees assigned to a particular position. This individual is referred to as the “evaluator” hereinafter. The employee may request a different evaluator. Such request shall be in writing to the superintendent or his/her designee stating the reason(s) for such request. Any change in assigned evaluator shall be at the sole discretion of the superintendent or his/her designee. Assignment of said evaluator shall not be subject to the grievance procedure. The evaluation instrument, “Custodial /Maintenance /Grounds Employee Performance Rating Report,” is hereinafter referred to as the “report.”