Evaluators Sample Clauses

Evaluators. 1. The appropriate Central Office Administrator/Manager or other designee of the superintendent evaluates employees assigned to a particular position. This individual is referred to as the “evaluator” hereinafter. The employee may request a different evaluator. Such request shall be in writing to the superintendent or his/her designee stating the reason(s) for such request. Any change in assigned evaluator shall be at the sole discretion of the superintendent or his/her designee. Assignment of said evaluator shall not be subject to the grievance procedure. The evaluation instrument, “Custodial /Maintenance /Grounds Employee Performance Rating Report,” is hereinafter referred to as the “report.”
Evaluators. (a) Faculty Evaluators are the Department Chair or Division Director that has been assigned personnel management responsibility by the Provost for the Employee’s area. When the evaluator is a Division Director, the Division Director will seek advice and context from a department chair for each of the faculty members in the unit. The Assistant Librarian and Wellness Counselor are evaluated by their immediate supervisor.
Evaluators. Each evaluator must successfully complete state-mandated evaluator credentialing training and is required to pass a credentialing assessment.
Evaluators a. Evaluation procedures for assessing the performance of duties and responsibilities of teachers are functions and responsibilities of the administration.
Evaluators. Each evaluator shall be required to successfully complete state-mandated evaluator credentialing training and to pass a credentialing assessment.