Staff Costs Sample Clauses

Staff Costs. 3.1. The grant may be used to cover the costs of staff for all consortium members when they are performing administrative or academic tasks which are directly necessary to the achievement of the objective of the project, and on the condition that their salary for the same tasks is not covered by another source. Salaries and fees may not exceed local rates; this applies both to European Community and Partner Countries. Moreover, additional hours will be financed at the normal hourly rate and not at any higher rate. Staff costs should be calculated on the basis of the task performed and not on the status of the person. Indicative rates are provided on the website, xxxx://xx.xxxxxx.xx/tempus. Higher rates should be clearly justified by supporting documents (salary slip).
Staff Costs. (a) The Provider will indemnify and keep indemnified the School from and against all liability for Staff Costs in any way relating to the provision of Chaplaincy Services.
Staff Costs. (a) The Licensee will indemnify and keep indemnified the School Council from and against all liability for the Staff Costs in any way relating to this Licence.
Staff Costs. The Project funds intended for covering the staff costs and equipment will be transferred to the Partner's account for eligible activities that fully comply with the Work pian only, in accordance with the Grant Agreement and project performance. The Coordinator shall therefore pay the Partner for the work completed satisfactorily according to the description and schedule of this work. For each employee paid from the ERASMUS+ funds the Partner submits to the Coordinator: Staff Conventions and time sheets documenting the nature and extent of the work for the project paid from the ERASMUS+ funds or co-financed by the Partner;
Staff Costs. 13.3 Subject to its delegated authorities, the PPO will ensure that the creation of any additional posts does not incur forward commitments that will exceed the PPO’s ability to pay for them.
Staff Costs. 10.1 Gaming Company and each of its subsidiaries shall recruit and employ such staff as the Board shall from time to time consider necessary for the proper conduct of its Business, with such authority as shall be delegated by the Board.
Staff Costs. Developers shall reimburse the San Diego Water Board for staff costs which total $11,759.
Staff Costs. With the management of the Town Hall and other facilities (from 10 August), the Town Council took on new responsibilities for staffing. Three caretakers were TUPE Transferred to the Town Council. In addition, the Town Hall reception service is now managed by the Town Council. As a result, two part- time staff were employed (effective November 2020) to undertake this role. The District Council contribution is detailed here:
Staff Costs. FORA shall provide staff support to the Cooperative until the Board elects otherwise or FORA sunsets. The Cooperative shall reimburse FORA for staff support costs according to a Board approved annual budget. Upon FORA’s sunset, scheduled for June 30, 2020, any remaining FORA HCP obligations will be transferred to the Cooperative.
Staff Costs. ONCURE, or its affiliates, agrees to provide staff for the Mobile Unit, Second Mobile Unit and Cyclotron (“Leased Employees”). ONCURE, ICON and Cyclotron will jointly determine the positions and requirements of the Leased Employees, however, the supervision and clinical control over the Leased Employees will be the responsibility of ICON. The Leased Employees shall be deemed employees of ONCURE or its affiliate, and subject to the employee benefits and regulations of ONCURE or its affiliate. ONCURE will invoice on a weekly basis, and ICON and Cyclotron will compensate ONCURE on a weekly basis for the exact cost of the Leased Employees.