Leasing Sample Clauses

Leasing. During the Listing Period, if the Agency finds a ready, willing, and able Tenant that agrees to rent the Property, the Agency shall be due _ percent ( _ _% ) of the total rent amount stated in the rental agreement for the lease term. The lease term shall be defined as the period between the start and end dates listed in the rental agreement, not including any renewal period(s). If the Tenant agrees to rent the Property on a month-to-month basis, the Agency shall be due the equivalent of one (1) month’s rent (“Commission”).
Leasing. The Owner hereby grants the Agent power to create rental agreements related to the Property: (check all that apply) ☐ - For fixed-term arrangements not exceeding ____ months. ☐ - For month-to-month rental arrangements in accordance with Governing Law. ☐ - For vacation rentals ☐ - Other. ___________________________________________________________________.
Leasing. Individual OETC Members may enter into lease agreements for the products covered in this Contract.
Leasing. Manager shall perform all promotional, leasing and management activities required to lease apartment units in the Property. Throughout the term of this Agreement, Manager shall use its diligent efforts to lease apartment units in the Property. Manager shall advertise the Property, prepare and secure advertising signs, space plans, circulars, marketing brochures and other forms of advertising. Owner hereby authorizes Manager pursuant to the terms of this Agreement to advertise the Property in conjunction with institutional advertising campaigns and allocate costs on a pro rata basis among the Properties being advertised (to the extent authorized by the Annual Business Plan). All inquiries for any leases or renewals or agreements for the rental of the Property or portions thereof shall be referred to Manager and all negotiations connected therewith shall be conducted solely by or under the direction of Manager. Manager is hereby authorized to execute, deliver and renew residential tenant leases on behalf of Owner. Manager is authorized to utilize the services of apartment locator services and the fees of such services shall be operating expenses of the Property and, to the extent paid by Manager, reimbursable by Owner.
Leasing. As of the Property Cut Off Date, unless such Property is a Vacant Property, or, in case of any Substitute Property, as of the date such Property becomes a Substitute Property, the Property was leased by Borrower pursuant to an Eligible Lease and each such lease was in full force and effect and was not in default in any material respect. No Person (other than the Borrower) has any possessory interest in the Property or right to occupy the same except any Tenant under and pursuant to the provisions of the applicable Lease and any Person claiming rights through any such Tenant. The copy of such Eligible Lease in the Property File is true and complete in all material respects and there are no material oral agreements with respect thereto. No Rent (or security deposits) has been paid more than one (1) month in advance of its due date. As of the date hereof, any payments, free rent, partial rent, rebate of rent or other payments, credits, allowances or abatements required to be given by Borrower to the relevant Tenant has already been provided to such Tenant. The leasing of the Property has complied in all material respects with Borrower’s internal leasing guidelines.
Leasing. (a) Lessor agrees to lease to Lessee, and Lessee agrees to lease from Lessor, the equipment and other property ("EQUIPMENT") described in any Schedule signed by both parties.
Leasing. 6.1 Company hereby approves (i) all leases of any portion of the Property (collectively, and together with any amendments thereto, assignments thereof and guaranties thereto pertaining, the “Leases”) in effect as of the Effective Date.
Leasing. Mortgagor shall not accept any deposit or prepayment of rents under the leases for any rental period exceeding one (1) month without Mortgagee's prior written consent. Mortgagor shall not lease the Property or any part of it except strictly in accordance with the Credit Agreement.
Leasing. Manager shall use commercially reasonable efforts to lease all space in the Project which is now vacant, becomes vacant or is projected to become vacant during the Term, subject to the limitations imposed by the Annual Plan, and Manager's responsibilities shall include lease negotiation coordination, tenant improvement coordination, governmental liaison, opening activities, tenant liaison, facilitating tenant move-in and similar activities. Manager may, in its sole discretion, engage the services of other outside cooperating real estate brokers to lease space in the Project on behalf of Owner and who shall be paid by Owner such commissions as may be included in the Annual Plan or are otherwise established by Owner and Manager from time to time. Manager shall, so far as possible, procure references from prospective tenants, investigate such references and use its best judgment in the selection of prospective tenants. Where appropriate, upon the occurrence of a vacancy or a projected vacancy, Manager will prepare and disseminate adequate rental listings. After a vacancy is listed, Manager will cooperate with brokers in an effort to aid in successfully filling the vacancy. Manager shall establish procedures to ensure that ample time is available to renew existing leases or obtain new tenants in an effort to minimize vacancies and loss of income.
Leasing. Except as set forth on Schedule P attached hereto, Seller shall not, and shall not permit the Partnership to, without Buyer’s prior written consent (a) enter into any new lease for an apartment unit with a first-time tenant unless the lease is on the Partnership’s standard form, is for a period of no more than one (1) year and the rent shall be not less than the annual rent shown on the Rent Roll applicable to such unit, (b) renew or extend any Lease for an apartment unit with an existing tenant unless the lease is on the Partnership’s standard form, is for a period of not more than one (1) year and not less than seven (7) months (provided that notwithstanding the foregoing, the Partnership shall be permitted to renew not more than ten percent (10%) of Leases with existing tenants on a month-to-month basis), and the rent for the amended, renewal or extension term shall not be less than the annual rent shown on the Rent Roll applicable to such unit, (c) terminate any Lease except by reason of a default by the tenant thereunder or transfer of a tenant on active military duty, or (d) grant any concessions to any tenant. The failure of Buyer to consent, or to withhold its consent, in writing within five (5) business days after written request therefor, to any new lease, renewal or extension of any Lease or any termination of any Lease or any concession for which Buyer’s consent is required pursuant to this Section 8.01 shall be deemed to constitute consent.