Financial Management Sample Clauses

Financial Management. Government financing and accounting activities (e.g., billing and accounting, credit/charge, expense management, payroll, payment/settlement, debt collection, revenue management, internal controls, auditing, activity based management, currency translation). Asset/Material Management: Acquisition and management of Federal government assets (property/asset management, asset cataloging/identification, asset transfer/allocation/maintenance, facilities management, computers/automation management). Development and Integration: Development and integration of systems across diverse operating platforms (e.g., legacy integration, enterprise application integration, data integration, instrumentation/testing, software development). Human Capital/Workforce Management Development and Integration: Planning and supervisory operations surrounding government personnel (e.g., resource planning/allocation, skills management, workforce directory/locator, team/organization management, contingent workforce management).
Financial Management. The School Corporation shall operate in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (“GAAP”) and other generally accepted standards of fiscal management and sound business practices to permit preparation of the audited financial statements required in § 38-1802.04(c)(11) of the Act. The School Corporation’s accounting methods shall comply in all instances with any applicable governmental accounting requirements.
Financial Management. 1. Accounting Standards Subrecipient agrees to comply with 24 CFR § 84.21-28 and agrees to adhere to the accounting principles and procedures required therein, utilize adequate internal controls, and maintain necessary source documentation for all costs incurred.
Financial Management. 5.1. Fifteen (15) days after this Agreement comes into effect in accordance with Article 11.2, the Institution shall authorize one person to serve as the representative to request and receive payments under this Agreement. The Institution may revoke this authorization and designate another representative upon provision of written notification to DSD, accompanied by an original sample of the new representative’s signature. Such notification must be received by DSD at least five (5) calendar days prior to a request for payment by the Institution under its new representative’s signature.
Financial Management. 1.3.01 Agree DSHS reserves the right, where allowed by legal authority, to redirect funds in the event of financial shortfalls
Financial Management. For all contracts, the practices, procedures, and standards specified in and required by the Accounting and Auditing Procedures Manual for the ADHS funded programs shall be used by the Contractor in the management of Contract funds and by the State when performing a Contract audit. Funds collected by the Contractor in the form of fees, donations and/or charges for the delivery of these Contract services shall be accounted for in a separate fund.
Financial Management. Borrower shall keep accounting records in conformance with generally accepted accounting principles, and make such records and all related reports, files, documents and other papers pertaining to the funds provided under this Agreement available for audits, examinations and monitoring if requested by Lender; such records will be retained for a period of three (3) years after termination of the loan period or repayment of the debt in full. The accounting system used by the Borrower shall clearly establish records of budgets and expenditures for the activities funded with the loan monies.
Financial Management. The Charter School shall control and be responsible for financial management and performance of the Charter School including budgeting and expenditures. Before receiving BEP funds through the Authorizer, the Charter School must demonstrate (if not already demonstrated in the Charter School’s Application) the existence of appropriate governance and managerial procedures and financial controls including: