Consortium Members definition

Consortium Members means any or all of the members of Consortium and in the event of reconstitution of the Consortium; it shall include members of such reconstituted Consortium.]
Consortium Members means the members of any existing Consortium or future Consortium, formed by the IB for purposes of the Transaction and shall include members (i) who have submitted the Statement of Legal Capacity in the form specified in the "EoI Package" as described in the "Request for Expression of Interest" announcement by the Administrative Ministry for participation in disinvestment of CEL in respect of the Transaction as part of any existing consortium, or (ii) of a future consortium previously approved in writing by the Administrative Ministry; in each case formed by the IB for purposes of the Transaction.
Consortium Members means (23) the Apax Funds, (23) the CPPIB Group and (23) the PSPIB Group.

Examples of Consortium Members in a sentence

  • Consortium members are the formally authorized officers vested by the regulatory bodies who are empowered to propose a block.

  • We visited the County, Consortium members, and interviewed pertinent staff.

  • CDBG-related service questions were targeted towards Charlottesville residents and housing related questions were targeted towards all respondents.• The Housing Director’s Council (Thomas Jefferson HOME Consortium members) had an opportunity to make comments on the Consolidated Plan and Action Plan at their March 20 and April 17, 2018 meetings.• Fourteen stakeholder discussions were held with targeted groups.

  • EQUALS-EU benefits from two non-European Consortium members from the Global North and Global South, which provides a rare opportunity for the exchange of knowledge and good practices and thetransfer of technology and innovations.

  • In case the Project is delayed beyond the Timelines as mentioned in RFP due to reasons attributable to SI, its Consortium members or any subcontractors, or any team members, the PBG (any one or both, if not returned) shall be accordingly extended by the SI till completion of Scope of Work as mentioned in RFP.

More Definitions of Consortium Members

Consortium Members means and includes members of the Advisory Consortium, appointed under specific terms and to whom, a portion or a part, of the Terms of Reference is allocated or assigned by the Lead Advisor for the purposes of this Contract;
Consortium Members means, collectively, the Rollover Holders and the Sponsor.
Consortium Members means the members of the Consortium, formed by the Bidder for purposes of the Transaction in accordance with this RFP and shall include members who have submitted the Format for Consortium Agreement (Annexure 6) specified in the RFP.
Consortium Members means ----------------------------, ------------------------- & -------------------
Consortium Members means ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐
Consortium Members means the Continuing Shareholders and the Sponsors.
Consortium Members means an Eligible Entity participating in the Transaction as part of a Consortium.