Consortium Members definition

Consortium Members means any or all of the members of Consortium and in the event of reconstitution of the Consortium; it shall include members of such reconstituted Consortium.]
Consortium Members means the members of any existing Consortium or future Consortium, formed by the Bidder for purposes of the Transaction and shall include members (i) who have submitted the Statement of Legal Capacity in the form specified in the "EOI" as described in the "Preliminary Information Memorandum" announcement by the Administrative Ministry for participation in disinvestment of the Company in respect of the Transaction as part of any existing consortium, or (ii) of a future consortium previously approved in writing by the Administrative Ministry; in each case formed by the Bidder for purposes of the Transaction.
Consortium Members means (23) the Apax Funds, (23) the CPPIB Group and (23) the PSPIB Group.

Examples of Consortium Members in a sentence

In case of any breach of any equity investment commitment by any of the Consortium Members, the Lead Member shall be liable for the consequences thereof.

Board Resolutions from each of the Consortium Members and Lead member contributing such additional amount over and above the percentage limit (specified for the Lead Member and other member in the Consortium Agreement) to the extent becoming necessary towards the total equity share in the Project Company, obligatory on the part of the Consortium pursuant to the terms and conditions in the Consortium Agreement.

The Applicant/ its constituent Consortium Members shall attach copies of the balance sheets, financial statements and Annual Reports for 5 (five) years preceding the Application Due Date.

We certify that in the last three years, we/ any of the Consortium Members or our/ their Associates have neither failed to perform on any contract, as evidenced by imposition of a penalty by an arbitral or judicial authority or a judicial pronouncement or arbitration award, nor been expelled from any project or contract by any public authority nor have had any contract terminated by any public authority for breach on our part.

Notwithstanding anything contrary contained in this Agreement, the Lead Member shall always be liable for the equity investment obligations of all the Consortium Members i.e. for both its own liability as well as the liability of other Members.

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Consortium Members means ----------------------------, ------------------------- & -------------------
Consortium Members means, collectively, the Rollover Holders and the Sponsor.
Consortium Members means and includes members of the Advisory Consortium, appointed under specific terms and to whom, a portion or a part, of the Terms of Reference is allocated or assigned by the Lead Advisor for the purposes of this Contract;
Consortium Members means ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐
Consortium Members means the Founder Parties, the Sponsor and Sequoia.
Consortium Members means an Eligible Entity participating in the Transaction as part of a Consortium.
Consortium Members means the Continuing Shareholders and the Sponsors.