Parts Sample Clauses

Parts. Except as otherwise provided herein, any Part at any time removed from the Airframe or any Engine shall remain subject to the Lien of this Trust Indenture, no matter where located, until such time as such Part shall be replaced by a part that has been incorporated or installed in or attached to such Airframe or any Engine and that meets the requirements for replacement parts specified above. Immediately upon any replacement part becoming incorporated or installed in or attached to such Airframe or any Engine as provided in Section 4.04(a), without further act, (i) the replaced Part shall thereupon be free and clear of all rights of the Mortgagee and shall no longer be deemed a Part hereunder, and (ii) such replacement part shall become a Part subject to this Trust Indenture and be deemed part of such Airframe or any Engine, as the case may be, for all purposes hereof to the same extent as the Parts originally incorporated or installed in or attached to such Airframe or any Engine.
Parts. Except to the extent Lessor otherwise agrees in a particular case, Lessee will procure that all engines, components, furnishings or equipment provided by the manufacturer, vendor, subcontractor or supplier in replacement of a defective Engine or Part pursuant to the terms of any warranty will be installed promptly by Lessee, that title thereto free of Security Interests vests in Owner. On installation those items will be deemed to be an Engine or Part as applicable.
Parts a reference to one or more things includes each part and all parts of that thing or group of things but nothing in this clause implies that part performance of an obligation constitutes performance of that obligation;
Parts. In the case of loss of or damage to any part of the insured property whether scheduled or unscheduled, consisting, when complete for use, of several parts, the Insurer is not liable for more than the insured value of the part lost or damaged, including the cost of installation.
Parts. In providing services on Enova products, Purchaser shall use only authorized Enova parts, unless Enova agrees otherwise in writing.
Parts. At the Closing, the Buyer shall purchase all parts and accessories owned by the Seller on the Closing Date and listed on the Inventory (the "PARTS") provided, however, that the Buyer shall not be obligated to purchase any damaged parts or accessories, parts and accessories with component parts missing, superseded or obsolete parts or accessories, or used parts or accessories. The Seller agrees that if parts and accessories that the Buyer is not obligated to purchase hereunder are not removed from the Leased Premises within thirty (30) days after the Closing Date, they shall become the property of the Buyer without the payment of any consideration in addition to the consideration otherwise provided herein. The Buyer agrees to provide access to the Seller for the purpose of removing such property during such thirty (30) day period.
Parts. Any Parts and alterations, improvements and modifications in and additions to the Aircraft shall, to the extent required or specified by the Lease, become subject to the lien of this Agreement and be leased to the Company under the Lease; provided, that to the extent permitted by and as provided in the Lease, the Company shall have the right, at any time and from time to time, without any release from or consent by the Owner Trustee or the Indenture Trustee, to remove, replace and pool Parts and to make alterations, improvements and modifications in, and additions to, the Aircraft. The Indenture Trustee agrees that, to the extent permitted by and as provided in the Lease, title to any such Part shall vest in the Company. The Indenture Trustee shall from time to time execute an appropriate written instrument or instruments to confirm the release of the security interest of the Indenture Trustee in any Part as provided in this Section 5.01, in each case upon receipt by the Indenture Trustee of a Company Request stating that said action was duly taken by the Company in conformity with this Section 5.01 and that the execution of such written instrument or instruments is appropriate to evidence such release of a security interest under this Section 5.01.
Parts. All Parts installed in the Aircraft shall be serviceable in accordance with Aviation Authority standards and have a value, modification status and condition equivalent to the Parts in the Aircraft on the Delivery Date, ordinary wear and tear excepted, and all installed Airframe Life Limited Components (excluding landing gear) shall be cleared for a minimum of 3,000 hours (or 2,700 in the case of an Airframe Life Limited Component with a total useful life of less than 3,000 hours), or 365 days in the case of an Airframe Life Limited Component controlled by calendar time, in each case as required by the Northwest Airlines maintenance program.
Parts. Contractor shall furnish parts as necessary at Contractor’s then current scheduled price or on an exchange basis, regardless of when installed and such parts shall be either new or equivalent to new in performance when used in the Equipment.