Section 3.4 Sample Clauses

Section 3.4. 2. The Interconnection Activation Date shall be consistent with the provisions of Section 3.4.2. If CLEC deploys additional switches in the LATA after the Effective Date or otherwise desires to establish Interconnection with additional CBT Central Offices, CLEC shall be entitled to establish such Interconnection and the terms and conditions of this Agreement shall apply to such Interconnections. If either Party establishes an additional Tandem Switch within the LATA, the Parties shall jointly determine the requirements regarding the establishment and maintenance of separate trunk group connections and the sub-tending arrangements relating to Tandem Switches and End Offices that serve the other Party's Customers within the Exchange Areas served by such Tandem Switches.
Section 3.4. Section 3.4 of the Credit Agreement is hereby deleted in its entirety and the following is substituted in lieu thereof: