Warranty Period Sample Clauses

Warranty Period. Except as may be otherwise specified or agreed, Contractor shall repair all defects in materials, equipment, or workmanship appearing within one year from the date of Substantial Completion of the Work. If Substantial Completion occurs by phase, then the warranty period for that the Work performed for each phase begins on the date of Substantial Completion of that phase, or as otherwise stipulated on the Certificate of Substantial Completion for the particular phase.
Warranty Period. ‌ The provisions set forth in this Article replace the provisions of Article 16 of the GPC.
Warranty Period. Withoutprejudice to the Supplier’s statutory or regulatory liabilities, the warranty period is defined as theperiodfrom thedateof the Acceptanceuptotwenty-four (24) monthsafter the date of Acceptance, unless any extended period is stated in the Contract.
Warranty Period. This Limited Warranty of the Product, and any implied warranties provided to END USER by state law not otherwise excluded or disclaimed in this Limited Warranty, apply for ten (10) years, starting from the date of shipment of the Product from SELLER’s manufacturing or distribution facilities, including motor drive or other means of transportation.
Warranty Period. The warranties set forth in Clauses 12.1.1 and 12.1.2 shall be limited to those defects that become apparent within **** after Delivery of the affected Aircraft (the “Warranty Period”).
Warranty Period. The 12 month period commencing upon the Acceptance Date for the System.
Warranty Period. The Champion Bus limited warranty is for a period of three (3) years from the date of first delivery or 36,000 miles, whichever occurs first, except for other coverages listed under “Other Warranties That May Apply” and items listed under “Exclusions and Limitations” and “Limits of the Warranty.”
Warranty Period. The warranty period, if applicable, for Contract Activities is a fixed period commencing on the date specified in Schedule A. If the Contract Activities do not function as warranted during the warranty period the State may return such non-conforming Contract Activities to the Contractor for a full refund.
Warranty Period. All warranties and guarantees against any defect in the Work shall apply from the date of acceptance by APS of the Completed Work and shall continue for a period of one (1) year thereafter, or the manufacturer’s standard warranty, whichever is longer Provided, however, in the event the Contract Documents require a Warranty in excess of one (1) year, the longer term shall apply as applicable.
Warranty Period. Buyer must provide written notice of any claims for breach of Warranties by the earlier of twelve (12) months from initial operation of the Product or eighteen (18) months from shipment. Additionally, absent written notice within the warranty period, any use or possession of the Product after expiration of the warranty period is conclusive evidence that the Warranties have been satisfied.