Services Offered Sample Clauses

Services Offered. Exhibit I hereto lists and describes all of the services that are available from DRS. DRS hereby offers to supply those services to the Company. Such services are and will be provided to the Company only at the request of the Company.
Services Offered. Exhibit I to this Agreement describes the services that KENG offers to furnish to a Client Company (in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth herein) upon written request of such Client Company. In addition to the services described in Exhibit I hereto, KENG may also provide a Client Company with such special services, as may be requested by such Client Company in writing, which the Service Company concludes it is able to perform. In supplying services hereunder to a Client Company, KENG may arrange, where it deems appropriate, for the services of such experts, consultants, advisers and other persons with necessary qualifications as are required for, or pertinent to, the performance of such services.
Services Offered. Exhibit I to the Agreement lists and describes the services that may be available from ServiceCo. ServiceCo offers to supply those services to each Recipient that is a party to the Agreement. The services are and will be provided to Recipient only at the request of Recipient. From time to time, the parties may identify additional services that ServiceCo may provide to Recipients under this Agreement. ServiceCo will consult with Recipients to delineate the scope and terms of additional services that may be offered. The services offered may be further described in Service Level Agreements that define performance metrics or standards and other procedures and requirements with respect to the provision of a particular category of services. To the extent a category of service is more fully described in a Service Level Agreement, it is incorporated into this Agreement by reference. ServiceCo shall maintain sufficient resources to perform its obligations under this Agreement and shall perform its obligations in a commercially reasonable manner. If no specific performance metrics for the provision of a service are established, ServiceCo shall provide the service exercising the same care and skill as it exercises in performing similar services for itself. If a Recipient requests the level at which any service to be provided to be scaled up to a level in excess of the level in effect during the prior twelve months, Recipient shall give ServiceCo such advance notice as it may reasonably require sufficient to make any necessary preparations to perform such services on the scaled up or modified basis. The level of a service shall be considered scaled up if providing the service at the proposed level involves an increase in personnel, equipment or other resources that is not de minimis and is not reasonably embraced by the agreed definition and scope of that service prior to the proposed increase. The Recipient will be responsible for any additional costs associated with such "scaled-up" services.
Services Offered. This Agreement applies to the Services you obtain using Online Banking. Certain customers may receive Services under the terms of this Agreement and certain other services including access to services via the Internet through the GTM Master, which are not available through Online Banking. When you log on to use Services through Online Banking, this Agreement will appear as a link on the footer of the Online Banking web pages. You will receive Account Access and Alerts when you complete the Enrollment for Online Banking. You may need to separately Enroll in other Services that may be available now or in the future, including, but not limited to, BMO Xxxxxx Xxxx Pay®, Total Look, Mobile Banking, and Online Statements, and for business customers, ACH services, BMO Xxxxxx Business Xxxx PaySM and enhanced reporting services.
Services Offered. Data exchange between CSD and Contractor shall be handled through one of three methods: (1) a Contractor user must upload data files or perform data entry using credentials provided by CSD; or (2) utilize CSD web applications as configured by the Contractor technology vendor; or
Services Offered. Trade Republic enables its Customers to trade selected crypto assets (hereinafter also referred to as "Crypto Transaction") through their user account in the Application.
Services Offered. The County will offer the municipal assistance/shared services listed on Exhibit “A” to the Local Government Entity.
Services Offered. The KRG will provide the population of the Kativik Region with the following services:
Services Offered. Connectivity will be used for SERVICE PROVIDER to transmit personally identifiable information (“PII”) of applicants to USAC, to enable USAC to confirm, with an affirmative or negative confirmation, whether the applicant is already enrolled in the federal Lifeline program benefit and/or ACP benefits, and/or is eligible to receive the Lifeline and/or ACP benefits. Affirmative consent must be obtained from the applicant by SERVICE PROVIDER prior to the submission of PII to USAC as described in the relevant Federal Communications Commission (“FCC”) application (i.e., Form 5629, Lifeline Program Application Form or Form 5645 Affordable Connectivity Program Application Form), so that USAC can confirm the applicant’s eligibility through available data sources. PII that is authorized to be transmitted via the interconnection is limited to the following: Applicant’s name (first and last); Last 4 digits of Applicant’s Social Security Number (“SSN”); Applicant’s Tribal ID (if applicable); Applicant's date of birth; Applicant's primary and/or mailing address; and Application ID. If additional PII is needed to verify an applicant’s eligibility, this Agreement also authorizes the following data to be transmitted: Applicant’s phone number; Applicant’s email address; Benefit qualifying person’s name (first and last); Last 4 digits of Benefit qualifying person’s SSN; Benefit qualifying person’s Tribal ID; and Benefit qualifying person’s date of birth. Data Sensitivity. The sensitivity of data exchanged between USAC and SERVICE PROVIDER is not to exceed a moderate security categorization. This data must be protected using FIPS Publication 140-2 (or FIPS Publication 140-3 if applicable) certified encryption standards..