Client company definition

Client company means any person that enters into an agreement for professional employer services
Client company means a person that contracts to receive services, within the course of that person's usual business, from a staffing service or that contracts to lease any or all of that person's employees from a staffing service.

Examples of Client company in a sentence

  • The Operator has the right to publish the basic data of the Client (company name, address of the website) on the list of references, unless the Client declares otherwise.

  • This SLA is available to the Client company and does not apply to claims made by a user of the Cloud Service or for any beta or trial services.

  • Further, Client hereby agrees to utilize certain indemnity and release language that RDR may require in offering subscription documentation that requires the investors for securities in the Client’s offering to release RDR from any liability or legal action related to the offering and/or the investor’s investment in the Client company.

  • In an effort to ensure that the Consultant provides high quality work, the Client will assign the CEO of the Client company to review and approve the work of the Consultant.

  • Client company" means a person, association, partnership, corporation or other entity that leases employees from an employee leasing company pursuant to contract.[PL 1991, c.

More Definitions of Client company

Client company means a person that contracts with a licensee and that is assigned employees under that contract.
Client company means a person that contracts with a licensee and is assigned employees by the licensee under that contract.
Client company means a person that enters into a contract with a staffing firm by which the staffing firm, for a fee, provides PEO services or temporary help services.
Client company means a body to or for which a Corporate Service Provider has agreed to provide services constituting company administration business;
Client company means any person who enters into a professional employer agreement with a professional employer organization.”
Client company means the entity on whose behalf and for whose benefit the geophysical/seismic company does its work or the entity who hires the geophysical/seismic company.
Client company means a company which [leases] :