Services of the Adviser Sample Clauses

Services of the Adviser. The Adviser represents and warrants that it is registered as an investment adviser under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940, as amended (the “Advisers Act”) and will maintain such registration for so long as required by applicable law. Subject to the general supervision of the Board of the Trust, the Adviser shall provide the following advisory, management, and other services with respect to the Series:
Services of the Adviser. (a) The Adviser shall manage the investment and reinvestment of the assets of the Fund, subject to the supervision of the Board of Trustees of the Trust (the “Board” or “Trustees”), for the period and on the terms set forth in this agreement. The Adviser shall give due consideration to the investment policies and restrictions and the other statements concerning the Fund in the Trust’s Amended and Restated Agreement and Declaration of Trust (the “Declaration of Trust”), bylaws and registration statements under the 1940 Act and the Securities Act of 1933 (the “1933 Act”), and to the provisions of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended, applicable to the Trust as a regulated investment company. The Adviser shall be deemed for all purposes to be an independent contractor and not an agent of the Trust or the Fund, and unless otherwise expressly provided or authorized, shall have no authority to act or represent the Trust or the Fund in any way.
Services of the Adviser. In carrying out the terms of this Agreement, the Adviser shall do the following:
Services of the Adviser. The Fund hereby employs the Adviser, and the Adviser, hereby accepts such employment, to render investment advice and investment management services with respect to the assets of the Series, subject to the supervision and direction of the Board. The Adviser, shall, as part of its duties hereunder (i) furnish the Series with advice and recommendations with respect to the investment of the Series’ assets and the purchase and sale of such assets, including the taking of such other steps as may be necessary to implement such advice and recommendations, (ii) furnish the Series with reports, statements and other data on securities, economic conditions and other pertinent subjects which the Board may request, (iii) permit its officers and employees to serve without compensation as Trustees of the Trust, if elected to such positions and (iv) in general oversee and manage the investment of the Series, subject to the ultimate supervision and direction of the.
Services of the Adviser. Subject to the supervision of the Trustees, the Adviser shall manage the investment operations of the Series and the composition of each Series’ portfolio, including the purchase and retention and disposition of portfolio securities, in accordance with each Series’ investment objectives, policies and restrictions as stated in the Trust’s registration statement, as may be amended or supplemented from time to time (the “Registration Statement”) as filed with the SEC subject to the following understandings:
Services of the Adviser. In carrying out its obligations under this Agreement, the Adviser shall:
Services of the Adviser. The Adviser shall administer the day-to-day investment operations of the Fund; shall serve as the Fund’s investment adviser and consultant in connection with policy decisions to be made by the Board of Directors of the Fund, hereinafter referred as the Board; shall investigate select and, on the behalf of the board, conduct relations with consultants, accountants, attorneys, brokers, underwriters, corporate fiduciaries, custodians, insurance agents, banks and other participants and persons needed for the operation of the Fund; shall be acting as the Fund’s transfer agent for its shareholders securities; shall provide office space and office equipment and necessary executive and clerical personnel for the performance of the forgoing services and assumes the expenses of the same; shall issue quarterly reports of the Fund’s performance.
Services of the Adviser. A new section 15 is added as follows:
Services of the Adviser a) Pursuant to the Advisory Agreement and in addition to any services set forth in such Agreement, the Adviser: (i) shall retain full authority to act in such capacities and direct the Sub-Adviser to take certain actions on behalf of the Funds; (ii) shall have full authority to place orders for the purchases and sales of securities and other assets for the Funds with broker-dealers and other financial institutions; and (iii) shall vote proxies, exercise consents and exercise all other rights appertaining to such securities and other assets on behalf of the Funds.