Service to be Provided Sample Clauses

Service to be Provided. Company shall deliver and sell to Customer, and Customer shall receive and purchase from Company, during the term of, and subject to, the provisions of this Agreement, all electric power and energy as may be required by Customer in addition to the electric power and energy produced by the Small Generating Facility. All electric power and energy delivered by the Company to the Customer at the Point of Interconnection shall be paid for by the Customer at the applicable Rates, and subject to the Rules and Regulations in Company’s Electric Tariffs.
Service to be Provided. CONTRACTOR agrees to provide the services detailed in the request for proposals (RFP) # VA03-14, the CONTRACTOR'S response thereto, incorporated herein by reference, on the attached schedule A and the Rental Schedule Equipment List “B” which reflects all equipment to be placed incorporating any changes from the original RFP,. In the event of a conflict between or among the bid the RFP, proposal and/or the terms of Schedule "A", it is agreed that the terms of Schedule "A", to the extent of any conflict, will be controlling.
Service to be Provided. The Client appoints the Agent to perform one of more the following services:
Service to be Provided. The Developer, at the Developer’s sole cost, shall cause to be constructed and installed those municipal services outlined in Schedule “G” attached hereto.
Service to be Provided. 1.1 This Product provides for the supply of General Purpose Energy by a Seller to a Buyer to enhance economic system operation.
Service to be Provided. Upon request by Customer and subject to the terms of this Agreement, Bonneville shall provide Transmission Services to Customer from its Available Transmission Capacity on its Existing Facilities, or from Incremental Facilities where necessary, to Customer on the same basis that Bonneville provides such services to similarly-situated entities eligible for FERC-ordered service under FPA sections 211 and 212.
Service to be Provided. Accelerate, under the terms of this agreement, will furnish to Subscriber the selected package of Wireless Internet Access Service agreed upon at time of installation. TERM OF THE AGREEMENT. This Agreement shall be in effect for an initial term commencing with service inception and continuing for as long as service is being provided. Accelerate wireless owns all equipment, antennas, cables, and select software and upon any termination all equipment must be returned to Accelerate. Any unreturned equipment will be billed to the Subscriber in the amount of $400.00+ GST for equipment fees. CHANGES TO SERVICE. Subscriber may choose to change their Wireless Internet Access package/speed without violating the terms of this agreement. A move of physical location will incur a minimum fee of $60.00+ GST. CESSATION OF SERVICE. 30 days notice is required for cancellation of the service, upon which all installed equipment must be returned in good condition. Early cancellation of a fixed term contract will incur a charge of $300. Any installed cabling would remain in situ. PAYMENT SCHEDULE. Subscriber will be billed installation charges where applicable, as well as the appropriate rates for the Wireless Internet Access Service speed selected at the time of the first xxxx. Accelerate reserves the right to request payment for any and all equipment associated with the initial installation for wireless internet access in advance. Wireless Internet Access Service charges are due and payable monthly in advance via direct debit. Failure to pay monthly service charges by 14 days from the last due date, shall give Accelerate the right, without liability, to temporarily disconnect Wireless Internet Access Service. The Accelerate is not liable for any loss of business, loss of phone service, or any style of Internet services from a deactivated Internet account. Restoration of service will require payment of any unpaid balance and a reconnect charge of $50+ GST may be applied. If service is not reconnected within and additional 14 calendar days, the Wireless Internet Access Service will be permanently disconnected and the supplied hardware recovered. CUSTOMER PROVIDED EQUIPMENT. Any equipment not supplied from Accelerate is customer provided equipment. Accelerate is not responsible for support of customer provided equipment and Subscriber will be liable for the expense of a service call if such equipment adversely affects Wireless Internet Access Service.