Certain Other Services Sample Clauses

Certain Other Services. Nothing in this Agreement shall prohibit the Executive's ongoing services as an executor of the Estate of Xxxxx X. Xxxxxxx (and the Executive's related trustee services) or the Executive's services as a trustee and member of the Board of Directors of the Xxxxx X. Xxxxxxx Foundation.”
Certain Other Services 

Related to Certain Other Services

  • Other Services Should the Directors request that the Advisor or any director, officer or employee thereof render services for the Company other than set forth in Paragraph 3, such services shall be separately compensated at such rates and in such amounts as are agreed by the Advisor and the Independent Directors of the Company, subject to the limitations contained in the Articles of Incorporation, and shall not be deemed to be services pursuant to the terms of this Agreement.

  • No Other Services The execution of this Agreement does not constitute a request for, nor agreement to provide Energy, any Ancillary Services or Installed Capacity under the NYISO Market Administration and Control Area Services Tariff (“Services Tariff”). If Developer wishes to supply Energy, Installed Capacity or Ancillary Services, then Developer will make application to do so in accordance with the NYISO Services Tariff.

  • Red Flags Services (1) The provisions of this Section 3(c) (the “Red Flags Section”) shall apply in the event the Fund elects to receive the “Red Flags Services”, which are hereby defined to mean the following services:

  • Network Elements and Other Services Manual Additive The Commissions in some states have ordered per-element manual additive non- recurring charges (NRC) for Network Elements and Other Services ordered by means other than one of the interactive interfaces. These ordered Network Elements and Other Services manual additive NRCs will apply in these states, rather than the charge per LSR. The per-element charges are listed on the Rate Tables in Exhibit C.

  • Utilities and Other Services 4.4.1 The Tenant shall arrange, at its own cost and expense, for the installation, connection and supply of all utilities and any other services required by it at or in relation to the Premises.

  • Administrative and Other Services (a) Subadviser will, at its expense, furnish (i) all necessary investment and management facilities, including salaries of personnel required for it to execute its duties faithfully, and (ii) administrative facilities, including bookkeeping, clerical personnel and equipment necessary for the efficient conduct of the investment affairs of the Fund (excluding determination of net asset values and shareholder accounting services).

  • Ordering of Other UNE Services All LSRs issued for reserved facilities shall reference the facility reservation number as provided by BellSouth. Talk America will not be billed any additional LMU charges for the loop ordered on such LSR. If, however, Talk America does not reserve facilities upon an initial LMUSI, Talk America’s placement of an order for an advanced data service type facility will incur the appropriate billing charges to include service inquiry and reservation per Exhibit B of this Attachment.

  • Other Duties of OFI GLOBAL OFI GLOBAL shall, at its own expense, provide and supervise the activities of all administrative and clerical personnel as shall be required to provide effective corporate administration for the Fund, including the compilation and maintenance of such records with respect to its operations as may reasonably be required; the preparation and filing of such reports with respect thereto as shall be required by the Commission; composition of periodic reports with respect to its operations for the shareholders of the Fund; composition of proxy materials for meetings of the Fund’s shareholders and the composition of such registration statements as may be required by federal securities laws for continuous public sale of shares of the Fund. OFI GLOBAL shall, at its own cost and expense, also provide the Fund with adequate office space, facilities and equipment.

  • Limitations on Services (a) The Parties recognize that certain responsibilities and obligations are imposed by federal and state securities laws and by the applicable rules and regulations of stock exchanges, the National Association of Securities Dealers, Inc., in-house "due diligence" or "compliance" departments of Licensed Securities Firms, etc.; accordingly, the Employee agrees that he will not:

  • INDEPENDENT PERSONAL SERVICES 1. Income derived by a resident of a Contracting State in respect of professional services or other activities of an independent character shall be taxable only in that State except in the following circumstances, when such income may also be taxed in the other Contracting State: