Server Sample Clauses

Server. The server, either the Publisher’s server or a third party server designated by the Publisher, on which the Licensed Materials are mounted and may be accessed.
Server. The server, either the Licensor’s server or a third party server designated by the Licensor, on which the Licensed Materials and associated access software are mounted and may be accessed.
Server. A server is a physical hardware system capable of running server software. A hardware partition or blade is considered to be a separate physical hardware system.
Server. AMCI shall ensure that its Server interfaces with the PPC in accordance with all specifications provided by VDI. In the event that AMCI chooses not to provide its own Server, such functionality may be obtained from VDI in accordance with the rates set out in Schedule C.
Server. A computer that is owned, leased, or otherwise under the control of the Licensee and is accessed by Networked Computers.
Server. The server, either the Licensor’s server or a third party server designated by the Licensor, on which the Licensed Material is mounted and may be accessed. Text and Data Mining A machine process by which information may be derived including but not limited to by identifying patterns and trends within natural language through text categorization, statistical pattern recognition, concept or sentiment extraction, and the association of natural language with indexing terms. Discovery Services User interface and search systems for discovering and displaying content from local, database and web-based sources. Article Publishing Charge (APC) The charge levied by the Licensor on the acceptance of an article for publication in a Qualifying Journal the amount of which is set out in Schedule 4.
Server. This acts as a gateway between the Internet and the hotel. As ------ a gateway, the server allows for controlling traffic and integration into the hotels property management system for billing. The server also provides the necessary services to the end client for seamless Internet connectivity.
Server. The plan for PANACEA platform 2 was to have a Taverna Server where long lasting workflows could be executed and results would be obtained later. Having Taverna on a server would allow it to have a better internet connection and more resources (memory, faster hard drive, etc) than a personal computer. It would also allow users to shutdown their computers while the workflow is being executed on the server. Taverna 2.2 server was tested but it didn’t fulfil PANACEA requirements of usability and security. It required a lot of development to make it ready for users. It was decided to wait for the Taverna Server 2.3 due to May 2011. At the end, the Taverna Server was delayed and it wasn’t released until 4th of May 2012. Although it fulfils the PANACEA requirements, the GUI that would allow users the easily interact with the Xxxxxx server in a secured environment is not ready yet. Developing such GUI is not feasible with the remaining time and resources for PANACEA. However, PANACEA developers will try to deploy it as soon as the GUI is released (if feasible).
Server. In order to establish which Server definition is applicable in your situation, the following list shall be applied in order of processing, starting with number 1.
Server. This is an End User License Agreement. This is a contract. If you install this software, you must abide by the terms of this agreement. This license is applicable to all software products sold by Neevia Technology. The term software includes upgrades, modified versions or updates. This software is licensed and not sold. Only a personal, non- transferable and nonexclusive right to use the Neevia products is granted to the end user. The following are definitions that should be noted by the user: SERVER/VIRTUAL SERVER This is a single computer or a virtual implementation of it, owned, rented or leased by a single individual or entity on which one or more applications load and execute software in the memory space of that computer. Software is installed on a server/virtual server for one or more users. All computers must be licensed to utilize Neevia software. THIS IS A CONTRACT BETWEEN YOU AND NEEVIA TECHNOLOGY. YOU SHOULD CAREFULLY READ THIS LICENSING AGREEMENT AND MUST ACCEPT ALL THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS BEFORE INSTALLING THIS NEEVIA SOFTWARE. BY INSTALLING THE SOFTWARE, YOU ARE AGREEING TO BE BOUND BY THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THIS LICENSE. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO THE TERMS OF THIS LICENSE, DO NOT INSTALL THE SOFTWARE, AND DO NOT USE THE SOFTWARE. IF YOU VIOLATE THIS AGREEMENT, YOU WILL BE SUBJECT TO LEGAL ACTION BY NEEVIA TECHNOLOGY. Subject to the payment of applicable license fees, Neevia Technology grants you a nonexclusive right to use its accompanying Neevia software product and related documents (the Software) in the terms and conditions provided as follow: