Server Software definition

Server Software means software that provides services or functionality on a computer acting as a server.
Server Software means that portion of the Game that is designed to allow multiple end users that have the Client Software installed and/or running on remote personal computers or devices to interact with each other online via the Internet.
Server Software is Vocera-provided software that operates on server hardware platforms at your site, including both standard and optional components. “Hosted Service” means the provision of and access to the Vocera Care Transition Software and related services either at your site and/or via secure electronic access over the Internet provided to you by Vocera and/or its designee. Defined terms used in this EULA, but not defined herein, are defined in the Supplemental Terms and Conditions in Attachment 3.

Examples of Server Software in a sentence

  • The Server Software and Documentation are commercial computer software and commercial computer software documentation.

  • In order to use the Server Software, You will need to obtain authorization to use the Server Software.

  • The current versions of the involved program packages are: NI Serial Device Server Software for Windows 2000/NT Version 1.01; Leica Geosystems ControlStation Software Version 4.25; In-house ControlStation Monitor Program (“monitor”), coded in Microsoft Visual Basic Version 6.0. National Instruments Serial Device Server Software: In order to be able to communicate with the GPS receiver via the NI ENET-232/2 serial device server the National Instruments Serial Device Server software needs to be installed.

  • Software Maintenance Support for all remote users of PPM’s application server or portal server licenses (Standard Concurrent-Use Software (“CS”), Extended Concurrent-Use Software (“CX”), Concurrent Hosted Use Software (“CH”), and Server Software (“VR”)) shall be provided by the PPM regional office where the application server or portal server licenses are registered/maintained regardless of the physical location of the end user.

  • The Server Software may also be subject to U.S. laws and export regulations of the U.S. Government that require an explicit export license before any export or re-export of the Server Software.

More Definitions of Server Software

Server Software means the components of the software that provides services or functionality on your server.
Server Software means system software and a proprietary database (including the content and records located in such database) located on servers connected to the Internet.
Server Software means those components of, or programs in, the Software that provide services on a Device called a Server on which services may be run, accessed or used by another Device.
Server Software means software that provides services or functionality on a computer acting as a server. “Redistribution Software” means software described in Paragraph 6 (“Use of Redistribution Software”) below.
Server Software means the object code server software versions of the Accellion Solution, as identified on the applicable Order.
Server Software means the Server Edition, Vx Server Edition or Workstation/Workgroup Edition You received from Pervasive with this Agreement, including all applicable Updates.
Server Software that provides document management services to other programs; (b) "Client Software" that allows a computer or workstation to access or utilize the services functionality provided by the Server Software; (c) "Stand-alone Software" that operates on a single computer; (d) "Demonstration Software" that is provided only for demonstration, testing and feedback purposes; (e) "Distributed Computing Cluster Software" that allows distribution of processing work for certain Laserfiche application tasks onto other machines; and/or (f) "Plug-in Software Modules" that can be added to the previously mentioned types of software. Specific additional terms that accompany a software development kit or the Software designated for "application service provider" purposes will also apply to you. Your Use of the Laserfiche Product shall be subject to the Usage Limitations described in Section 6. In addition, you agree to the restrictions set forth in Section 5 below.