License Fees definition

License Fees means the license fees, including all taxes thereon, paid or required to be paid by Licensee for the license granted under this Agreement.
License Fees means fees collected for license issuance,
License Fees has the meaning set forth in Section 6.1.

Examples of License Fees in a sentence

  • Support Fees for the Licensed Product are included in the License Fees are set forth in Section C of this Appendix A and consist of for a period of [insert years,] years following the Effective Date (“Initial Support Term”).

  • In the event a breach by Licensor leads to the termination, OUC shall be entitled to a full refund of all License Fees and Maintenance Fees paid by OUC.

  • The motion carried unanimously.4. Mayor – Discussion/For Possible Action – Approval of Second Reading of Ordinance 724, Bill No. 2019-07, An Ordinance amending Title 3, Chapter 6, Section 10 entitled Prostitution, License Fees, making this provision consistent with other provisions of the City Code for business license categories, calculation of points, and the date upon which renewal licenses are due.

  • The City reserves the right to deduct, from payments to awarded vendor(s), any amount owed to the City for various fees, to include, but not limited to: False Alarm fees, Ambulance fees, Occupation License Fees, Landfill fees, etc.

  • Licensor will assist Licensee with all installations and configurations, the costs of which are included in the License Fees and consist of Technical and Project Management support in the amount specified below.

More Definitions of License Fees

License Fees means all non-refundable fees payable by Licensee to OT with respect to the granting of Software Licenses; “License Model” means the description of the conditions, limitations and restrictions associated with the Software License which govern the use of the Software, as set out in the applicable License Model Schedule;
License Fees means the agreed upon license fees for the Software included in an Order.
License Fees means all non-refundable fees payable by Licensee to OT with respect to the granting of Software Licenses;
License Fees shall have the meaning set forth in ARTICLE 4 THE CONSIDERATION TO MAHA-METRO;
License Fees means the license fees, quoted by the Selected Bidder as set out in the LOA, as payable by the Concessionaire, in consideration of the grant of leave and license, right of way and constructive possession of the Site, for the purpose of performance of its duties, obligations and responsibilities under the Agreement. For the avoidance of any doubt, it is clarified that the Concessionaire shall be liable to pay an incremental annual premium over and above the License Fees initially paid in accordance with the requirements of Article 3 of this Agreement and the said incremental annual premium shall form part of the License Fees.
License Fees means the amount payable by the licensee to CMRL as per terms and conditions of the license agreement along with any kind of Central or State Taxes, local levies, statutory dues, etc that may be payable by the licensee as per prevalent law.
License Fees means all payment due pursuant to this Agreement, including the permit volume package amount and the payments due for the elected add on modules as detailed in Schedule A.