Section 7.4.2 Sample Clauses

Section 7.4.2. 5 If a driver is needed for a sports practice run or supplemental run on a holiday, he/she shall be 6 paid time and a half (1 ½).
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Section 7.4.2. 17 Vacation earned but not used may be carried over for one (1) year from the employee’s 18 anniversary date. No vacation may be carried over for more than one (1) year; provided, 19 however, no employee shall be denied accrued vacation benefits due to District employment 20 needs.
Section 7.4.2. 7 Time on layoff and time on authorized leave of absence will be counted as continuous service 8 for the purpose of establishing and retaining eligibility dates. 12 A R T I C L E V I I I 14 LEAVES
Section 7.4.2. 9 All hours worked, including paid holidays and sick leave as time worked, more than a forty 10 (40) hour week, shall be compensated at the rate of one and one-half (1½) times the employee's 11 base hourly rate. All other leaves and vacation are not included in the calculation of hours 12 worked in a week. Employees, other than drivers/bus assistants, called for overtime special 13 services shall receive no less than one and one-half (1 ½) hours pay per call at one and one-half 14 (1 ½) times his or her base rate and shall receive such for all additional hours worked. If more 15 than four (4) hours are worked on call-back, employees shall receive a minimum of six (6) 16 hours pay with an appropriate lunch period.
Section 7.4.2. 16 It is the responsibility of each employee to keep the Human Resource Department and 17 appropriate department head informed of his/her current telephone number and address. 18 Address and/or telephone updates must be filed with the Human Resource Department and 19 completed by the employee through Employee Access as soon after a change as is practicable.
Section 7.4.2. 35 The Transportation/Facilities Director shall assign extra trips to the senior driver bidding for 36 such assignment provided that the senior driver bidding has not accumulated forty (40) hours in 37 the employ of the District during that week. 38 39 Drivers must notify the Transportation/Facilities Director or his/her designee, three (3) 40 workdays prior to the scheduled trip, of their availability to drive. The employee is responsible 41 to be sure that he/she shall not work over forty (40) hours a week; except in the event a trip 42 exceeds the calculated time, drivers shall be compensated at overtime rates, or allowed to take 43 compensatory time off at the rate of one and one-half (1½) times the overtime worked, 44 according to federal and state statutes. 46 It is the primary responsibility of the driver to drive home-to-school routes for which she/he is 47 hired.
Section 7.4.2. 25 All Emergency Leave absences shall be deducted from the employee’s sick leave balance.
Section 7.4.2. 33 The middle/high school secretarieswork year will include at least ten (10) work days before 34 the student attendance school year and at least (10) work days after. Additional days may be 35 approved by the supervisor.
Section 7.4.2. 37 Whenever a day shift custodian is absent from work, the senior night shift custodian within the same 38 building shall be given the first opportunity at filling the day shift position. 39
Section 7.4.2. 21 An employee shall be granted, upon request, a leave of absence without pay at the discretion of 22 the District or as required otherwise by law. The employee shall inform the District of the 23 number of days required for the leave at the time the request for leave is submitted. A 24 returning employee shall be placed in the same position or in an equivalent position.