THE DRIVER Sample Clauses

THE DRIVER. 7.1. During the rental period the vehicle may not be driven by any person/s other than the lessee.
THE DRIVER. 3.1 The Renter warrants and accepts sole responsibility for ensuring that the driver/s (including additional driver/s) specified in the rental agreement:
THE DRIVER. 7.1 The vehicle may not be driven by anyone other than the renter himself or any other person indicated as a driver in the rental form.
THE DRIVER. Except as specifically provided in this Agreement, Brad Baker ("Baker") will be the only driver for the Team for the term of this Agreement. If Baker is unavailable to perform as driver as a result of injury, illness or any other disability, or cause beyond his control, SRP shall provide an alternate driver subject to the approval of Logan's ("Alternate Driver"), which approval shall not be unreasonably withheld. Baker and any Alternate Driver appointed by SRP and approved by Logan's pursuant to this Agreement are herein collectively
THE DRIVER. 3.1 The Renter warrants that the driver/s (including additional driver/s) specified in the rental agreement:
THE DRIVER. The Vehicle may be operated by the driver stated in the Agreement. No other person is allowed to use or operate the Vehicle. On the day of the handover of the Vehicle, the driver must be 21 years of age or older and have a valid driver’s license for at least three (3) years. The driver’s license must be valid for a minimum of one month following the intended end of rental. When the vehicle is handed over, the driver is obligated to have a valid driver’s license on his person. The driver undertakes not to consume any alcoholic beverages and not to drive under the influence of other substances, which could affect his psychophysical capacities (medicine, drugs or other psychoactive substances, etc.). Otherwise, the insurance company will not reimburse the damage or will deny the claim and consequently, the lessee/driver will be liable for the full reimbursement of damages. By signing this Agreement the driver becomes responsible for the accuracy of the given information.
THE DRIVER. 3.1 A driver using the WINI system undertakes to have the necessary valid licences and insurances to operate a Taxi as defined by the local taxi licensing authority and if these change, to inform the Company and present the new original documentation for inspection and scanning/ copying as soon as practical but no later than 14 days from the date of receipt. The Driver will help to generate business for themselves and other WINIcabs drivers by:

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  • Bus Drivers ‌ For overtime worked on normal working days or on days of rest, bus drivers shall be paid as follows:

  • Searchability Offering searchability capabilities on the Directory Services is optional but if offered by the Registry Operator it shall comply with the specification described in this section.

  • Data Storage Where required by applicable law, Student Data shall be stored within the United States. Upon request of the LEA, Provider will provide a list of the locations where Student Data is stored.

  • Drivers Any and all drivers who drive the Vehicles you are renting/leasing from us shall be duly licensed, trained and qualified to drive vehicles of this type. Although we may, from time to time, recommend certain qualified drivers with whom we are familiar, we do not supply drivers. You must supply and employ any driver who drives our Vehicles (even if the driver is the registered owner of the vehicle or owner of a company that owns the vehicle) and that driver shall be deemed to be your employee for all purposes and shall be covered as an additional insured on all of your applicable insurance policies.