School Year Employment Sample Clauses

School Year Employment. If an employee is employed on the basis of a school year and such employment contemplates absences from the State payroll during the summer months or vacation periods scheduled by the Appointing Authority which occur during the regular school year, the employee shall nonetheless remain eligible for an Employer Contribution, provided that the employee appears on the regular payroll for at least one (1) working day in the payroll period immediately preceding such absences.
School Year Employment. It is agreed that the Employer may hire, promote and on a voluntary basis, transfer employees into certain positions that will be considered "school year employment". The school year shall be considered to be ten (10) months plus up to four (4) weeks. These positions shall be subject to the Collective Agreement with the following additional special conditions: Sick Leave Sick Leave shall be calculated at two (2) days per month in accordance with the Sick Leave Plan, days per year, to a maximum accumulation of two hundred (200) days for ten
School Year Employment. Italicized items indicates