Documented Miscellaneous Expenses Sample Clauses

Documented Miscellaneous Expenses. The employee shall be reimbursed up to a maximum of one thousand dollars ($1,000.00) for the necessary miscellaneous expenses directly related to the move. At their sole discretion, Appointing Authorities may authorize payment of additional relocation expenses up to the amount of seven hundred eighty-five dollars ($785.00). These expenses may include, but are not limited to, fees involved in the purchase of housing in the new location, disconnecting and connecting appliances and/or utilities, the cost of insurance for property damage during the move, the reasonable transportation costs of the employee's family to the new work location at the time the move is made including meals and lodging (such expenses shall be consistent with the provisions of Article 18, Expense Allowances), or other direct costs associated with rental, purchase, or sale of a residence, including, but not limited to, attorney fees, loan origination fees, abstract fees, title insurance premiums, appraisal fees, credit report fees and government recording and transfer fees; fees for inspections or other services required by law or local ordinances. Reimbursable miscellaneous expenses do not include, among others, rental of the employee’s permanent residence, costs for improvements to either the old or new home or reimbursable deposits required in connection with the purchase or rental of the residence, real estate taxes, mortgage interest differentials, points, assessments, homeowner association fees, homeowners or renters insurance, mortgage insurance, hazard insurance, automobile or driver’s license reissue fees, utility or other refundable deposits, boarding of pets, and the purchase of new furnishings or personal effects. Neither the State of Minnesota nor any of its agencies shall be responsible for any loss or damage to any of the employee's household goods or personal effects as a result of such a transfer.

Related to Documented Miscellaneous Expenses

  • Miscellaneous Expenses Including but not limited to telephone toll-free lines, mailing, sorting and postage, stationery, envelopes, service/data conversion, AML verification services, special reports, record retention, lost shareholder search, disaster recovery charges, ACH fees, Fed wire charges, NSCC activity charges, DST charges, shareholder/dealer print out (daily confirms, investor confirms, tax, check printing and writing and commissions), voice response (VRU) maintenance and development, data communication and implementation charges, specialized programming, omnibus conversions, travel, excess history, FATCA and other compliance mailings, electronic document archiving.

  • Miscellaneous Fees In addition to the Course Fees, the miscellaneous fees set out in Schedule 2.2 may be payable by the Student (the “Miscellaneous Fees”).

  • Miscellaneous Charges Miscellaneous Charges apply for the following miscellaneous services when provided with LIS trunks. Exhibit A includes a reference to the Tariff, catalog, price list, or other similar document that provides the amount of each Miscellaneous Charge.

  • Reimbursable Costs 5.3.1. To be considered eligible for reimbursement, costs have to be: • actually incurred, individually identifiable and verifiable, as backed by copies of supporting evidence, as the case may be in the Contractor’s official bookkeeping; this means that no lump sums will be eligible for reimbursement; • necessary in order to perform the tasks as specified in the Terms of Reference (Annex 2); and • cost effective and providing value for money