RENTAL PROPERTY. The term “Rental Property” means the real property owned by Residential which is active in Residential’s rental property program, indicated by an active status in the Propertyware system.
RENTAL PROPERTY. That the Landlord hereby leases to the Tenant, and the Tenant hereby hires from the Landlord, the dwelling unit known as with the privileges and appurtenances for and during the term beginning at 4:00 pm on and ending at 9:00 am on which will be referred to in this lease as the “Leased Premises”.
RENTAL PROPERTY. If subject property is or will be rental property, Purchaser(s) is/are responsible to investigate and understand any housing codes that may apply, including the possibility of rental inspections.
RENTAL PROPERTY. The Landlord agrees to rent to the Tenant the property described as a Enter full description, for example "a house with 2.5 rooms and 1 bathroom" located at , which is referred to in this lease agree- ment as the “Leased Premises.” ?
RENTAL PROPERTY. 1.1. The Lessor is the sole owner of the property EZ6702, land register01613, Floridsdorf District Court, with the properties no. 1572/3 and 1572/5 and address 1210 Vienna, Siemensstrasse 89 (“Property”), as well as the building to be newly built on it with a legally valid building permit notice dated 27/04/2020, in which the leased property is/will be located. It is noted that a department of the newly created plot 1572/7 (construction site B) and the creation of a new deposit number based on the survey certificate of DI Meixner, GZ 19475c dated 29/03/2021, will take place for the garage even before the completion of the rental property.
RENTAL PROPERTY. In the event that the consumer has entered into or hereafter enters into an agreement whereby the Consumer’s land to which natural is supplied is rented to a third party, the Consumer shall be liable to the Co-op for all rates, charges and other costs (including interest thereon) charged hereunder notwithstanding that the third party has entered into a customer contract with the Co-op and notwithstanding that the invoice for natural gas and the operating charge is addressed to such third party.
RENTAL PROPERTY. 3.1 The Lessor lets to the Lessee floor space/sections in the building “Im Neuenheimer Feld 583 and 584” as marked in colours in the attached plans (Appendix 1a). The separate elements are: INF 583, 1st floor, right, storeroom 1.214 INF 584, basement, compressor room INF 584, ground floor, right INF 584, 2nd floor, left Jan. 30, 2013 09:14 Page 5 of 21 of the Rental Agreement The spaces are designated on the plans in accordance with the plans valid at the time the drawings were made. The present, actual use may differ. The plans do not constitute a guaranteed characteristic. Moreover the Lessor lets to the Lessee those spaces and sections of the building which the Lessor makes available to several or all of the tenants for their common use, such as e.g. entrance areas, lobby, elevator shafts, elevator lobbies, and staircases. The rental area is the net internal area (NGF) in accordance with DIN 277 standard, meaning the main and ancillary usable areas, the circulation and functional areas that are reserved exclusively for the Lessee’s use and the measured area of movable walls and a pro rata share of the circulation, function and usable areas that are in common use. The area taken up by service shafts is not included in the rental area. The communal area is agreed as a flat rate equivalent to 6% of the total of the areas let to individual users. To account for the pro rata share of the communal areas, therefore, the figure for the total rental area which the Lessee has the exclusive right to use is increased by 6%.
RENTAL PROPERTY. Each Borrower makes the following representations and warranties to Lender with respect to each Rental Property as of the related Advance Date and at all times while the Rental Property secures an Advance hereunder. With respect to those representations and warranties which are made to such Borrower’s knowledge or to the best of such Borrower’s knowledge, if it is discovered by such Borrower or Lender that the substance of such representation and warranty is inaccurate, notwithstanding such Borrower’s lack of knowledge with respect to the substance of such representation and warranty, such inaccuracy shall be deemed a breach of the applicable representation and warranty.
RENTAL PROPERTY. The Agent agrees to rent to Tenant the property described as: _ Tenant hereby acknowledges that the Property is in habitable condition and is in a reasonable and safe condition. Tenant agrees to give prompt notice of any defects at the premises which constitute a serious threat to life, health, or safety.
RENTAL PROPERTY. Forget Me Not Lodging (FMNL) unilaterally and at its sole discretion reserves the right to change or cancel the reservation for any reason with refunds made accordingly in the event the property becomes unavailable for rent.