Exclusive Right to Use Sample Clauses

Exclusive Right to Use. The Licensor has not granted and shall not, during the Term, grant, directly or indirectly, to any other person any right (whether current, future, contingent or otherwise) to use the Patents.
Exclusive Right to Use. To the best of the Borrower's knowledge ---------------------- and belief except as otherwise disclosed on Schedule A, the Borrower has, and ---------- shall continue to have, the exclusive right to use all the Trademarks in the manner in which they are now used, with the goods and services with which they are now used (and, in the case of registered Trademarks, for which they are registered), and throughout the geographic areas in which they are now used (and, in the case of registered Trademarks, throughout the jurisdictions in which they are registered), free and clear of any liens, charges, encumbrances, claims or rights of any third party, or restrictions on the rights of the Borrower to protect or enforce any of its Trademark Rights against any third party.
Exclusive Right to Use. A Subscriber of a niche shall pay the cost of the niche and shall be entitled to name one person whose ashes are to be interred in that niche, provided that the named person qualifies as eligible (C-2), as that term is defined in these Rules and Regulations.
Exclusive Right to Use. To the best of the Debtor's knowledge and belief, the Debtor has, and shall continue to have, the exclusive right to practice, make, sell, practice and use all the Patents, throughout the countries of issue, free and clear of any liens, charges, encumbrances, claims or rights of any third party, or restrictions on the rights of the Debtor to protect or enforce any of its Patent Rights against any third party.
Exclusive Right to Use. The Town hereby grants NEWS the exclusive right, franchise, license and privilege to permit, build, operate, manage and utilize the Landfill on the Property and to take all actions appurtenant thereto, commencing on the Effective Date and continuing for the term of this Agreement, including, but not limited to:

Related to Exclusive Right to Use

  • Right to Use City shall not be limited in any way in its use or reuse of the Documents and Data or any part of them at any time for purposes of this Project or another project, provided that any such use not within the purposes intended by this Agreement or on a project other than this Project without employing the services of Consultant shall be at City’s sole risk. If City uses or reuses the Documents & Data on any project other than this Project, it shall remove the Consultant’s seal from the Documents & Data and indemnify and hold harmless Consultant and its officers, directors, agents and employees from claims arising out of the negligent use or re-use of the Documents & Data on such other project. Consultant shall be responsible and liable for its Documents & Data, pursuant to the terms of this Agreement, only with respect to the condition of the Documents & Data at the time they are provided to the City upon completion, suspension, abandonment or termination. Consultant shall not be responsible or liable for any revisions to the Documents & Data made by any party other than Consultant, a party for whom the Consultant is legally responsible or liable, or anyone approved by the Consultant.

  • RIGHT TO USE NAME The Adviser warrants that the Fund’s name is not deceptive or misleading and that the Adviser has rights to any distinctive names used by the Fund. The Fund acknowledges that its use of any distinctive name is derivative of its relationship with the Adviser. The Fund may use the name connected with the Adviser or any name derived from or using the name of the Adviser only for so long as this Agreement or any extension, renewal or amendment hereof remains in effect. Within 60 days from such time as this Agreement shall no longer be in effect, the Fund shall cease to use such name or any other name connected with the Adviser.

  • Exclusive Rights Enter into or amend any agreements pursuant to which any other party is granted exclusive marketing or other exclusive rights of any type or scope with respect to any of its products or technology;

  • Exclusive Right Recognizing that the Union is required by the provisions of the State of Minnesota Labor Relations Act to be the sole bargaining representative of all the employees within the coverage of this Agreement, without regard to membership in the Union, the District hereby agrees that it will not recognize nor negotiate with any other person, association group, committee or entity other than the Union with respect to such matters and will deal solely through the agency of and with the Union.

  • HHS Right to Use Contractor agrees that HHS has the right to use, produce, and distribute copies of and to disclose to HHS employees, agents, and contractors and other governmental entities all or part of this Contract or any related Solicitation Response as HHS deems necessary to complete the procurement process or comply with state or federal laws.

  • Non-Exclusive Rights Notwithstanding anything herein contained that may be, or appear to be, to the contrary, it is expressly understood and agreed that the rights granted under this Agreement are non-exclusive and Authority herein reserves the right to grant similar privileges to another lessee or other tenants on other parts of the Airport.

  • License to Use You are authorized to use the Software on one (1) single computer only. You may not use the Software on any other machines other than the said single computer.

  • Termination of the Right to Use Upon termination of this Addendum for any reason, any right to use the System and access to the Data Access Services shall terminate and the Fund shall immediately cease use of the System and the Data Access Services. Immediately upon termination of this Addendum for any reason, the Fund shall return to State Street all copies of documentation and other Proprietary Information in its possession; provided, however, that in the event that either party terminates this Addendum or the Custodian Agreement for any reason other than the Fund’s breach, State Street shall provide the Data Access Services for a period of time and at a price to be agreed upon in writing by the parties.

  • Non-Exclusive Right In the event this Agreement is terminated or upon written notice from Western at any time, the Corporation hereby agrees that it will eliminate from the Fund's name any reference to the name of "Western." The Corporation, on behalf of the Fund, shall have the non-exclusive use of the name "Western" in whole or in part only so long as this Agreement is effective or until such notice is given.

  • Nonexclusive Remedies All remedies provided in this Agreement may be exercised individually or in combination with any other available remedy. Contractor shall notify the JBE immediately if Contractor is in default, or if a third party claim or dispute is brought or threatened that alleges facts that would constitute a default under this Agreement. If Contractor is in default, the JBE may do any of the following: (i) withhold all or any portion of a payment otherwise due to Contractor, and exercise any other rights of setoff as may be provided in this Agreement or any other agreement between a Judicial Branch Entity and Contractor; (ii) require Contractor to enter into nonbinding mediation; (iii) exercise, following Notice, the JBE’s right of early termination of this Agreement as provided herein; and (iv) seek any other remedy available at law or in equity.