Communal Areas Sample Clauses

Communal Areas. 3.9.1 If you live in a block of flats where you do not pay a service charge for Communal cleaning services, you are responsible, together with your Neighbours, for keeping all Communal areas clean and tidy.
Communal Areas. Those parts of the building which can be used by the Association and all other licensees and tenants such as hallways, stairways, entrances, landings, shared gardens, lawns, landscaped areas and in the case of shared accommodation the kitchen and bathroom.
Communal Areas. Where applicable not obstruct any common passageways hallways and staircases nor keep or store or place any item or package or bicycle or pushchair in any communal area of the Property. Nor hang or permit to be hung or exposed any clothes or other articles in any communal or shared garden or upon the exterior of the Property except where expressly permitted by the Landlord or the Landlord's Agent.
Communal Areas. (i) Not to store a bicycle vehicle, pram, pushchair or other item in communal areas and on balconies.
Communal Areas. The Tenant must not place or leave any item so as to cause any obstruction or fire safety hazard to any entrance, passage, hallway, stairs, landing, yard or path of the Property or to a shared area with any adjoining property. In the event of any breach by the Tenant of this clause the Landlord or Property Manager shall be entitled without notice to remove any such article without being liable for any damage or loss caused by such removal and the Tenant shall be liable for any costs associated with the removal or storage of any items. Furthermore, if there are specific rules relating to the use of the Property, such as limits on car parking, these will be set out in Section F of this agreement. Please consider there is no car parking facility unless instructed otherwise.
Communal Areas. If applicable, the Landlord or Property Manager will use their reasonable endeavours to ensure that the communal areas are kept lit and clean and free from any bikes.
Communal Areas. 10.1 The Tenant shall take reasonable care to keep the common entrances, halls, stairways, lifts, passageways and any other common parts including their electrical lighting, in reasonable repair and fit for use by the Tenant and other occupiers and visitors to the Property.
Communal Areas. 9.1 If you live in a property and have the use of a communal area as part of your tenancy the following will apply to your use of such communal areas.
Communal Areas. 6.17.1 You must not place or store any items in communal areas and communal balconies. You must keep them free from rubbish and obstructions such as bicycles, mopeds, wheelie bins, prams/pushchairs, furniture or wheelchairs including motorised versions. If you break this condition we may charge you for the cost of removing and storing or disposing of the item(s) plus a reasonable administration fee and VAT.
Communal Areas. If applicable, Student shall use reasonable efforts to maintain and protect communal areas of on-campus housing from damage. Such areas include, without limitation, bathrooms, hallways, lounges, laundry facilities, stairs, elevators, lobbies, kitchens, and storage spaces. Student is responsible for any damage to communal areas caused by Student. If damage occurs within a communal area and the responsible party cannot be determined, all surrounding residents may be held equally liable for such damage in University’s discretion.