Pets Sample Clauses

Pets. Check one) ☐ Tenant is NOT allowed to have or keep any pets, even temporarily, on any part of the Premises. ☐ Tenant is allowed to have the following pets on the Premises: ________________________________.The unauthorized presence of any pet may subject Subtenant to penalties, damages, deductions and termination of this Sublease. Properly trained service animals that provide assistance to individuals with disabilities will be permitted on the Premises with the prior written consent of the Tenant. Subtenant will be responsible for the costs of defleaing, deodorizing and/or shampooing all or any portion of the Premises if a pet has been on the Premises at any time during the Term (whether with or without written consent of the Tenant).
Pets. The Tenant: (check one) ☐ - Shall have the right to have [#] pet(s) on the Premises consisting of [TYPES OF PETS] that are not to weigh over [# OF POUNDS] pounds. For the right to have pet(s) on the Premises the Landlord shall charge a fee of $[PET FEE] that is ☐ non-refundable ☐ refundable unless there are damages related to the pet. The Tenant is responsible for all damage that any pet causes, regardless of ownership of said pet and agrees to restore the Premises to its original condition at their expense. ☐ - Shall not have the right to have pets on the Premises or in the common areas.
Pets. Unless otherwise stated in this Lease Agreement, the only pets that shall be allowed on the Premises are those needed legally due to a disability or handicap.
Pets. No animals (including mammals, reptiles, birds, fish, amphibians, arachnids, and insects) are allowed, even temporarily, anywhere in the Property unless Landlord has authorized so in writing. Except as expressly provided below, if Landlord allows an animal, Resident must sign a separate Pet Addendum and pay a pet deposit and pet fee. A pet deposit is considered a general Security deposit. Landlord will authorize a therapy animal or an emotional support animal after first receiving a written affidavit from a qualified health care professional verifying the Resident’s disability under Section 504 of the Fair Housing Act or relevant provisions of the Americans With Disabilities Act and the need for a therapy animal or emotional support animal; provided such animal does not pose a direct threat to the safety of other occupants of the Property. In such situation Landlord will not require a pet deposit and/or a pet fee. If Resident knows he/she will require a therapy animal or emotional support animal prior to or at the time of Lease signing, he/she must notify the Landlord of the requirement. If the emotional support animal is particularly disruptive, or the Resident fails to take proper measures to ensure that the support animal does not unreasonably interfere with other residents, Landlord reserves the right to deny the accommodation or file for eviction of the Resident. Resident must not feed stray or wild animals. If Landlord consents to Resident having a non-therapy animal and/or non-emotional support animal, Landlord will require Resident to pay a pet security deposit and execute a Pet Addendum. The pet deposit is $300 and must be paid at the time the Pet Addendum is signed. If Resident or any guest violates the pet restrictions (with or without Resident’s knowledge), Resident will be subject to charges, damages, eviction, and other remedies provided in this Lease. If a pet has been in the Unit at any time during the Resident’s term of occupancy (with or without Landlord’s consent), Landlord will charge Resident for de- fleaing, deodorizing, and shampooing the Unit. Resident agrees to pay Landlord as liquidated damages a minimum of Twenty Dollars ($20.00) per animal for each day that any such animal remains at the premise or general area without Landlord’s express consent via a fully executed Pet Addendum. These liquidated damages shall not relieve Resident from the breach of the aforesaid covenant or limit Landlord’s other rights and remedies under appli...
Pets. The presence of pets in the residence is prohibited.
Pets. No pets allowed.
Pets. Pets are allowed on the premises only by obtaining the Landlords’ written permission first. When possession of the property is given to the Tenant, only those pets listed on the Rental Application will be allowed unless subsequentwritten permission has been granted. “Pets” does not include animals trained to serve the handicapped, such as seeing-eye dogs, hearing dogs, or service dogs. These animals may be housed on the premises so long as they are in the direct service of those they were trained to serve and so long as Landlord is notified in advance in writing of the circumstances. In any case, when permission is granted, owners are required to pay an additional $ per month pet-rent charge for one or more. Additionally, a pet-application sheet must be submitted before move-in. If problems with pets occur there are several ways it may be handled depending on the events. If the pet is anyway dangerous it will not be allowed on the premises. In the event of the owner being negligent in regards to cleanup or allowing access to areas that the pet could damage the tenant will be fined or money will be taken from the deposit. If the pet is a nuisance in anyway the landlord may make suggestions to how the pet is cared for or may require the tenant to attend a training course to be approved by the landlord. Pets are never to be allowed in the yard unsupervised. Cleaning up after the pet is necessary immediately following defecation. Constant barking will not be permitted.
Pets. The Tenant agrees that the Tenant will NOT keep any pets on the Leased Premises. The Tenant agrees that the Tenant WILL NOT ALLOW Tenant's guests or others to have pets on the Leased Premises.
Pets. No animal, fowl, fish, reptile, and/or pet of any kind shall be kept on or about the premises, for any amount of time, without obtaining the prior written consent and meeting the requirements of the OWNER. Such consent if granted, shall be revocable at OWNER'S option upon giving a 30 day written notice. In the event laws are passed or permission is granted to have a pet and/or animal of any kind, an additional deposit in the amount of $ shall be required along with additional monthly rent of $ along with the signing of OWNER'S Pet Agreement. RESIDENT also agrees to carry insurance deemed appropriate by OWNER to cover possible liability and damages that may be caused by such animals.
Pets. The presence of any animals or pets in or about the Premises, Apartment Unit, Building or the Property is prohibited, with the exception of fish when all Apartment Unit roommates agree. No fish tank shall exceed a ten(10) gallon capacity. Visiting pets are prohibited. Tenants who are discovered to have pets in or about the Premises must remove the animal or pet immediately. Tenant understands that a follow-up inspection of the Tenant’s Apartment Unit and Premises may occur without warning and as frequently as the Landlord sees fit. Tenant agrees to pay for any and all damages caused by unauthorized pets.