Customer Contract definition

Customer Contract means any Contract between any of the Seller Parties or any of their Subsidiaries on the one hand and a customer, distributor or dealer of Seller or any of its Subsidiaries on the other hand for the purchase, sale, distribution, marketing, servicing, support or manufacturing (or similar matters) of Printer Products.
Customer Contract means a contract we have entered into with a Customer for the provision of one or more of our document technology services and solutions;
Customer Contract has the meaning set forth in Section 5.2(aa)(i).

Examples of Customer Contract in a sentence

  • The Customer Contract provides that, upon the sale of the residence connected to the related PV System and/or XXXX System, as applicable, the Consumer Obligor of such Customer Contract must pre-pay the Customer Contract unless the purchaser of the residence: (a) meets Originator’s (or the related approved Dealer’s) underwriting criteria; (b) executes and delivers to the Servicer a written assumption of the Customer Contract; and (c) begins timely performance of the obligations thereunder.

  • The related Customer Contract is evidenced and governed by (i) loan documentation in substantially the form of one of the Originator’s then applicable standard forms of Customer Contracts and (ii) a corresponding Customer Limited Warranty Agreement.

  • Since origination, the terms of the related Customer Contract have not been amended, waived, extended, or modified from its original terms in any manner inconsistent with the Originator’s Credit and Underwriting Policies.

  • The related Customer Contract contains enforceable provisions that render the rights and remedies of the lender thereunder adequate for the realization against the related PV System or XXXX System of the benefits of the security provided thereby.

  • The related Customer Contract is by its terms an absolute and unconditional obligation of the Consumer Obligor to pay the amounts due thereunder and the Customer Contract does not provide the Consumer Obligor with any right of set-off for any reason.

More Definitions of Customer Contract

Customer Contract means a written Contract with a customer relating to the Company’s provision of goods and/or services to the customer. Default means, in respect of a Contract, a breach or violation of or default under the Contract, or the occurrence of an event that with Notice or the passage of time or both would constitute a breach, violation or default or permit termination, modification or acceleration of the Contract.
Customer Contract means a written agreement between Defendant and a customer for any project that involves a Renovation.
Customer Contract means any written contract or agreement (other than trade contracts) between Seller and any of its customers (or under which Seller has rights) which has been entered into and signed by the parties thereto in connection with the publication of the Directories and corresponding provision of Directory Services.
Customer Contract shall have the meaning set forth in Section 2.1.2.
Customer Contract means a Contract (or group of related Contracts) pursuant to which any Group Company, after giving effect to the Pre-Closing Business Transfers, licenses or otherwise provides products and services to customers of the Business.
Customer Contract means a Contract that calls for a Delta Entity or Ultra Entity to deliver goods or services to a customer.
Customer Contract has the meaning assigned to such term in Section 8.02(m).