for Sample Clauses

for. Fiscal Intermediaries (FIs), Regional Home Health Intermediaries (RHHIs), and/orCarriers: No additional funding will be provided by CMS; contractor activities are to be carried out within their operating budgets.
for a Full-time employee payment for overtime work shall be made:
for. Nicaragua, a non-facilities-based supplier is a licensed supplier of public telecommunications services that does not own wire or wireless lines or other transmission facilities, but may own a switch, router, or multiplexer, and supplies its public telecommunications services through transmission facilities of a licensed facilities-based supplier. 13-15 ANNEX 13-B RURAL SERVICES Nicaragua may designate and exempt a rural telephone company in its territory from Articles 13.3.2, 13.3.3 and
for. “turn-around” trips on a school day, the driver will take the students to their destination and return to the yard. If drivers return to the yard during the school day, they will complete their PM routes or do related work until the end of their normal workday. If they leave for the return leg of the trip within thirty (30) minutes after the end of their normal work day, drivers will be paid for the time between the end of their work day and the beginning of the trip plus driving time and not more than thirty (30) minutes clean-up with no minimum. If they leave for the return leg of the trip more than thirty (30) minutes after the end of their normal work day, drivers will be paid for driving time plus not more than thirty (30) minutes clean-up with no minimum.
for financial instruments, if any, where the conventional bank licensee has undertaken corporate finance business with or for the issuer over the past 12 months. BC-8.12.10A conventional bank licensee must take reasonable steps to ensure that when it publishes investment research, disclosure is made of the following matters:
for a resolution (the “Deferred Share Plan Resolution”), the full text of which is set forth in Appendix G to this Information Circular, approving, subject to completion of the Arrangement, a deferred share plan of the REIT as more particularly described in the Information Circular and a copy of which is set forth in Appendix H to the Information Circular. The persons appointed under the accompanying Form of Proxy are conferred with discretionary authority with respect to amendments or variations of matters identified in the Form of Proxy and Notice of Meeting and with respect to other matters which may properly come before the Meeting. In the event that amendments or variations to matters identified in the Notice ofMeeting are properly brought before the Meeting, it is the intention of the persons designated in the enclosed Form of Proxy to vote in accordance with their best judgment on such matter or business. As at the date of this Information Circular, the Trustees know of no such amendments, variations or other matters that are to come before the Meeting. QUORUM A quorum is required for the Meeting. For the Meeting, two persons present in person or represented by proxy and representing in total not less than 5% of the votes attached to all outstanding Units will constitute a quorum. If a quorum is not present within 30 minutes after the time fixed for the holding of the Meeting, the Meeting will stand adjourned to a day not less than twenty-one days later and to a place and time as chosen by the Chair of the Meeting, and if at such adjourned meeting a quorum is not present, the holders of Units (“Unitholders”) present either in person or by proxy shall be deemed to constitute a quorum. How A Vote Is Passed The Arrangement Resolution must be passed by a Special Resolution. The Stock Option Plan Resolution and the Deferred Share Plan Resolution must be passed by an Ordinary Resolution. ADVICE TO BENEFICIAL HOLDERS OF UNITS Information set forth in this section is very important to Unitholders who do not hold Units in their own name. Holders who do not hold their Units in their own name (each, a “Beneficial Unitholder” and together, “Beneficial Unitholders”) should note that the only proxies that can be recognized and acted upon at the Meeting are those deposited by Unitholders whose names appear on the records maintained by or on behalf of the REIT as the registered holders of Units on the Record Date. If such Units are listed in an account statement provid...
for. Interferences from variables such as temperature, humidity, or other gases, have also been identified and then