For Sample Clauses

For a Full-time employee payment for overtime work shall be made:
For. (see page 3, continuation sheet for more participants, if applicable) (6 a.) By: (6 b.) Date: (Signature Authorizing Official) The signature by the NRCS representative signifies a CCC-NRCS transaction as indicated above. Former NRCS-LTP-002, CCC-1251 1 AD-1154 4-2002 LONG-TERM AGREEMENT
For. Nicaragua, a non-facilities-based supplier is a licensed supplier of public telecommunications services that does not own wire or wireless lines or other transmission facilities, but may own a switch, router, or multiplexer, and supplies its public telecommunications services through transmission facilities of a licensed facilities-based supplier. 13-15 ANNEX 13-B RURAL SERVICES Nicaragua may designate and exempt a rural telephone company in its territory from Articles 13.3.2, 13.3.3 and
For. “turn-around” trips on a school day, the driver will take the students to their destination and return to the yard. If drivers return to the yard during the school day, they will complete their PM routes or do related work until the end of their normal workday. If they leave for the return leg of the trip within thirty (30) minutes after the end of their normal work day, drivers will be paid for the time between the end of their work day and the beginning of the trip plus driving time and not more than thirty (30) minutes clean-up with no minimum. If they leave for the return leg of the trip more than thirty (30) minutes after the end of their normal work day, drivers will be paid for driving time plus not more than thirty (30) minutes clean-up with no minimum.
For. Cause." The Company may terminate Executive's employment under this Agreement for "Cause" only on the basis of:
For a given Certificate, upon the death of a Participant we will continue to make payments for the life of the surviving Participant, if any. Income payments will be made at least as rapidly as under the method of distribution in effect before the Participant’s death.
For. A teacher who is a member of The Manitoba Teachers' Society Executive Committee, or of any of the Society's authorized committees, or is an authorized representative or delegate of the Society, and who is authorized to attend a of the or act a or delegate may be at the discretion of the Board, without of salary, a leave o f absence t o s maximum of five (5) teaching days in any one school provided that the Board is notified prior to the leave and the Board is reimbursed for the cost of providing a teacher On request, the teachers on staff shall be allowed a one xxx leave of salary, writing of each university examination that falls on a school day, provided examination is for a course leading to a higher classification on the basic schedule of the or for a course that w i l l permit a teacher t o broaden teaching experience. Every female teacher employed by the Lakeshore School Division for a period in excess of one year [ten months] be entitled to maternity leave. The conditions of the maternity leave shall be determined in the form of a written agreement to the mutual satisfaction of the Board and the teacher. Such leave shall not constitute a break in employment. At the conclusion of the maternity leave, the teacher shall be in the position occupied by her at the time such leave commenced or in a position not less than the salary and benefits as provided by the collective The Board recognizes the right of maternity leave for female employees as covered by the Employment Standards Act, and when a mutual agreement cannot be reached under Article of the Act shall Where a teacher is sick shall entitled to sick during and to be paid salary during sick leave but subject to subsection the leave shall not twenty (20) teaching days in any school year. Where the of a teacher i s continued for more than one year unused portion of the sick leave in any shall be carried forward and accumulated from year to year t o a maximum of teaching days in second year teaching days in third year teaching days in the fourth and subsequent years The teachers by this collective agreement agree t o have their portion of the Reduced Premiums realized from the Unemployment Insurance Commission as the result extended sick leave coverage paid to Lakeshore Teachers Association during each January for the preceding year to be used for educational purposes. A teacher i s subpoenaed for Jury or Witness Duty by a court of law w i l l be reimbursed for any loss of pay in excess of the stipend...
For. Xxxx Xxx important and significant associations to Sites throughout Hauraki and Tāmaki resulted from the initial arrivals of the Arawa and Tainui waka. From Te Arawa the initial settling of the ancestor Huarere amongst the pre waka ancestors of Xxxx Xxx was the genesis of Whakapapa and site associations that remain hugely significant in the histories of Xxxx Xxx to this day. Similarly the voyaging of Tainui has left us a legacy of Whakapapa and site associations that are of the utmost significance and that are fundamental to the identity and history of Xxxx Xxx from then to now.
For after and during the term hereof, NC shall not execute or shall not have a third party execute an employment, consulting or similar Agreement with KH's employees sent to NC according to Section 7.1.2.