SIGNIFICANT ISSUES. A system or component that is considered significantly deficient, inoperable or is unsafe. SAFETY HAZARD - Denotes a condition that is unsafe and in need of prompt attention.
SIGNIFICANT ISSUES. Issues related to the proposed modifications to incorporate effective Outdoor Recreation for Close Custody Management Control Unit offenders will be addressed in a comprehensive analysis by CDOC and design professionals during the design phase, which is currently not a part of this Project Request. Significant issues to deal with include, but are not limited to, the following:  Upgrading the Perimeter Security Barrier;  Offender Movement to and from the Outdoor Recreation Yards;  Managing Different Offender Populations; and  Working Within a Secure Operating Facility.


  • Insignificant Changes No adjustment in the Purchase Price shall be required unless such adjustment would require an increase or decrease of at least 1% in the Purchase Price. Any adjustments which by reason of this Section 11.5 are not required to be made shall be carried forward and taken into account in any subsequent adjustment. All calculations under this Section 11 shall be made to the nearest cent or to the nearest one-hundred thousandth of a Preferred Share or the nearest one-hundredth of a Common Share or other share or security, as the case may be.

  • Information and Sophistication The Purchaser acknowledges that it has received all the information it has requested from the Company and it considers necessary or appropriate for deciding whether to acquire the Note and the Warrant. The Purchaser represents that it has had an opportunity to ask questions and receive answers from the Company regarding the terms and conditions of the offering of the Note and the Warrant and to obtain any additional information necessary to verify the accuracy of the information given the Purchaser. The Purchaser further represents that it has such knowledge and experience in financial and business matters that it is capable of evaluating the merits and risk of this investment.

  • Presentation of Potential Target Businesses The Company shall cause each of the Respondents to agree that, in order to minimize potential conflicts of interest which may arise from multiple affiliations, the Respondents will present to the Company for its consideration, prior to presentation to any other person or company, any suitable opportunity to acquire an operating business, until the earlier of the consummation by the Company of a Business Combination or the liquidation of the Trust Account, subject to any pre-existing fiduciary obligations the Respondents might have.

  • Curriculum Development This includes the analysis and coordination of textual materials; constant review of current literature in the field, some of which are selected for the college library collection, the preparation of selective, descriptive materials such as outlines and syllabi; conferring with other faculty and administration on curricular problems; and, the attendance and participation in inter and intra-college conferences and advisory committees.

  • Business Relations Neither the Company nor Seller knows or has good reason to believe that any customer or supplier of the Company will cease to do business with the Company after the consummation of the transactions contemplated hereby in the same manner and at the same levels as previously conducted with the Company except for any reductions which do not result in a Material Adverse Change. Neither Seller nor the Company has received any notice of any material disruption (including delayed deliveries or allocations by suppliers) other than the Konica Slowdown, in the availability of any material portion of the materials used by the Company nor is the Company or Seller aware of any facts which could lead them to believe that the Business will be subject to any such material disruption.

  • Business Relationships There are no business relationships or related party transactions involving the Company or any other person required to be described in the Registration Statement, the Pricing Disclosure Package and the Prospectus that have not been described as required.

  • Developing Educator Plan shall mean a plan developed by the Educator and the Evaluator for one school year or less for an Educator without Professional Teacher Status (PTS); or, at the discretion of an Evaluator, for an Educator with PTS in a new assignment.

  • Knowledge and Experience Purchaser (i) has such knowledge and experience in financial and business matters as to be capable of evaluating the merits and risks of Purchaser's prospective investment in the Note, the Warrant and the Conversion Securities; (ii) has the ability to bear the economic risks of Purchaser's prospective investment; (iii) has had access to such information as Purchaser has considered necessary to make a determination to purchase the Note, the Warrant and the Conversion Securities together with such additional information as is necessary to verify the accuracy of the information supplied; and (iv) has not been offered the Note, the Warrant or the Conversion Securities by any form of advertisement, article, notice or other communication published in any newspaper, magazine, or similar media or broadcast over television or radio, or any seminar or meeting whose attendees have been invited by any such media.

  • Cooperation of the Parties At the reasonable request of the responsible (as provided for in this Article 5) Party, the other Party agrees to cooperate fully in the preparation, filing, prosecution, enforcement and maintenance of any Program Patents under this Agreement. Such cooperation includes executing all papers and instruments (or causing its personnel to do so) reasonably useful to enable the other Party to apply for and to prosecute patent applications in any country; and promptly informing the other Party of any matters coming to such Party’s attention that may affect the preparation, filing, prosecution, enforcement or maintenance of any such Patents.

  • Experience, Financial Capability and Suitability Subscriber is: (i) sophisticated in financial matters and is able to evaluate the risks and benefits of the investment in the Shares and (ii) able to bear the economic risk of its investment in the Shares for an indefinite period of time because the Shares have not been registered under the Securities Act (as defined below) and therefore cannot be sold unless subsequently registered under the Securities Act or an exemption from such registration is available. Subscriber is capable of evaluating the merits and risks of its investment in the Company and has the capacity to protect its own interests. Subscriber must bear the economic risk of this investment until the Shares are sold pursuant to: (i) an effective registration statement under the Securities Act or (ii) an exemption from registration available with respect to such sale. Subscriber is able to bear the economic risks of an investment in the Shares and to afford a complete loss of Subscriber’s investment in the Shares.