Production Operations definition

Production Operations means all operations conducted for the purpose of producing Petroleum from the Development Area after the commencement of production from the Development Area including the operation and maintenance of all necessary facilities therefor.
Production Operations means any and all operations related to production,treatment, processing, measurement, transportation and storage of Petroleum, and the extraction of Natural Gas Liquids from Natural Gas, including (but not limited to) workovers, stimulations, remediation, restoration, operating, staffing, supervising, repairing, decommissioning and maintaining of any and all xxxxx, plants, equipment, pipelines, tank-farms, terminals and all other installations and facilities.
Production Operations means activities, not being Development Operations, undertaken in order to extract, save, treat, measure, handle, store and transport Petroleum to storage or loading points or both and to carry out any type of primary and secondary operations, including recycling, recompression, maintenance of pressure and water flooding and all related activities such as planning and administrative work and shall also include maintenance, repair and replacement of facilities, and well workovers, conducted after the commencement of Commercial Production.

Examples of Production Operations in a sentence

  • In case the Facility Decommissioning Program indicates a prospect of additional Production after the end of the effectiveness of the Agreement, the Contracting Party may, based on ANP’s opinion, determine the actions for ensuring continuity of the Production Operations.

  • The preferred plugging cement slurry is that recommended by the American Petroleum Institute (API) Environmental Guidance Document: Well Abandonment and Inactive Well Practices for U.S. Exploration and Production Operations, i.e., a neat cement slurry mixed to API standards.

  • The Government has identified the Program Manager, Production Operations Manager and Supply Chain Manager as Key Personnel, all of whom shall be 100% dedicated to the contract.

  • That team comprises executive-level representatives and subject matter experts in the United States, Switzerland and Asia from various departments, including Global Value Chain, Purchasing and Production, Operations, Quality Assurance, Internal Audit, Legal and Finance.

  • Each Annual Work Program and corresponding Annual Budget shall be broken down into the various Exploration Operations and, as applicable, the Appraisal operations for each Appraisal Area and the Development and Production Operations for each Development and Production Area.

More Definitions of Production Operations

Production Operations means all the activities of a pursuit which are primarily related to the production of its characteristic goods or services.
Production Operations means any operations carried out for or in connection with the production of petroleum;
Production Operations means the extraction and separation of reservoir fluids from an oil and natural gas well, using separators and heater-treater systems. A separator is a pressurized vessel designed to separate reservoir fluids into their constituent compo- nents of oil, natural gas and water. A heater-treater is a unit that heats the reservoir fluid to break oil/water emul- sions and to reduce the oil viscosity. The water is then typically removed by using gravity to allow the water to sep- arate from the oil.
Production Operations means Production Operations as defined in section 1(1) of the Petroleum Act;
Production Operations means the period that begins 31 days following the commencement of initial flowback and concludes when the well is plugged and abandoned.
Production Operations means the period that begins on the earlier of 31 days following the commencement of initial flowback or when permanent production equipment is placed into service and concludes when the well is plugged and abandoned.