Production Operations definition

Production Operations means all operations conducted for the purpose of producing Petroleum from the Development Area after the commencement of production from the Development Area including the operation and maintenance of all necessary facilities therefor.
Production Operations means activities, not being Development Operations, undertaken in order to extract, save, treat, measure, handle, store and transport Petroleum to storage or loading points or both and to carry out any type of primary and secondary operations, including recycling, recompression, maintenance of pressure and water flooding and all related activities such as planning and administrative work and shall also include maintenance, repair and replacement of facilities, and well workovers, conducted after the commencement of Commercial Production.
Production Operations means all the activities of a pursuit which are primarily related to the production of its characteristic goods or services.

Examples of Production Operations in a sentence

  • Within five Calendar Days after XTO obtains any Reliable Information, XTO shall either (i) complete all necessary corrective actions to address the VOC emissions or issues identified or (ii) temporarily shut-in Production Operations associated with the Tank System.

  • Conduct an IR Camera Inspection of all Tank System openings (i.e., PRDs/thief hatches) during Normal Operations, including while Produced Oil is being sent to the Tank System from all associated Production Operations that are not shut-in at the time of the IR Camera Inspection, to confirm the Vapor Control System is adequately designed and sized and not emitting VOC.

  • In the event that Production Operations are temporarily shut-in, XTO shall for the sole purpose of (i) undertaking an Engineering Evaluation at a Tank System, or (ii) taking corrective actions pursuant to Paragraph 12 (Reliable Information, Investigation, and Corrective Action) be allowed to resume Production Operations associated with that Tank System for a period not to exceed five Calendar Days.

  • If the Tank System has not yet undergone an Engineering Evaluation, Production Operations shall remain shut-in until the Engineering Evaluation and any necessary modifications have been completed, and XTO shall comply with the requirements of subparagraph 9.a (Vapor Control System Initial Verification) at that Tank System within 30 days of resuming any Production Operations associated with that Tank System.

  • If the Tank System has already undergone an Engineering Evaluation, Production Operations shall remain shut-in until completion of any necessary corrective actions, including, if appropriate, a re-evaluation of the Vapor Control System and Emission Factor.

More Definitions of Production Operations

Production Operations means any operations carried out for or in connection with the production of petroleum;
Production Operations means theextraction and separation of reservoir fluids from an oil and natural gas well, using separators and heater-treatersystems. A separator is a pressurized vessel designed to separate reservoir fluids into their constituent components of oil, natural gas and water. A heater- treater is a unit that heats the reservoir fluid to break oil/water emulsions and to reduce the oil viscosity. The water is then typically removed by using gravity to allow the water to separate from the oil.
Production Operations means Production Operations as defined in section 1(1) of the Petroleum Act;
Production Operations means operations and all activities related thereto carried out for CBM production of each CBM Field from the Date of Commencement of Commercial Production, including, but not limited to extraction, injection, stimulation, treatment, storage, transportation and lifting, etc.
Production Operations means commercial petroleum lifting and recovery operations and all activities necessary, expedient, conducive or incidental thereto including without limitation, the drilling, completion and work-over of Development Xxxxx; and the sampling, production, processing, refining, treatment, transportation, handling, storage, loading and delivery of Petroleum;
Production Operations means the period that begins on the earlier of 31 days following the commencement of initial flowback or when permanent production equipment is placed into service and concludes when the well is plugged and abandoned.
Production Operations means the extraction, separation using