Procurement Process Sample Clauses

Procurement Process. This procurement was handled by SANBAG in accordance with its procedures for professional and technical services. Award is recommended to the firm offering the most effective overall proposal considering such factors as staffing and project organization, prior experience with similar projects, work plan, and a fair and reasonable price structure. On August 3, Request for Proposals (RFP) 12005 was issued by SANBAG. The project was advertised in newspapers of general circulation in San Bernardino, Riverside, and Orange Counties. Publications in Riverside County occurred on August 5 and August 11. A pre-proposal conference was held on August 12 with seven attendees representing five firms: Alston Tascom, Aspire Answering Service, Covenant Industries, MAP Communications, Inc., and Professional Communications Network. On September 16, two proposals were received: Professional Answering Service and Professional Communications Network. An evaluation committee comprised of staff from SANBAG, the Commission, and OCTA met to review the submitted proposals. A SANBAG contracts procurement consultant was present to ensure all procedures were properly followed. Technical factors used to evaluate the proposers under this procurement included elements such as the firm’s staffing capacity, qualifications, facilities and equipment, work plan and operations. Price comprised of 15 percent of the maximum possible points under the evaluation criteria. The evaluation committee first evaluated the written proposals based on technical merit reviewing the above criteria. Based on the totals of each committee member’s score of the technical evaluation criteria for each proposal, both firms were invited for an interview. The interviews consisted of a site visit to each firm’s facility, followed by questions and answers. After the interviews, the evaluation committee met to complete the evaluation. The firms were evaluated based on technical merit, proposed rates, and the interviews. SANBAG issued a request for a best and final offer (BAFO) to each firm on September 30, 2011. Based on the evaluation of the written proposals, the firms’ qualifications, the proposed rates received from the BAFO, and the information obtained from the interviews and site visits, the evaluation committee recommended the selection of PCN as the top-ranked firm to provide call box call answering center services.
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Procurement Process. 7.1 The Supplier acknowledges and accepts that Services shall be procured and/or transacted in accordance with the procedures detailed in the Contract Documents.
Procurement Process. Procurement Process has the meaning set out in the recitals to the Agreement.
Procurement Process. Subject to this Agreement, the specific terms of the Procurement and the Master Agreement, each Procurement is intended to identify a Supplier as the exclusive Supplier of Goods and/or Services for the term of the relevant Master Agreement for Purchasers who do not elect to terminate their participation in the Procurement pursuant to Section 9.6 (Termination Without Cause by a Purchaser). The option to extend for any of the Option Years, if applicable, will be at the sole discretion of the Purchasers, each of whom shall have the right to exercise the Option Years or not in accordance with the relevant Master Agreement and their Purchase Agreement with the Supplier (“Purchase Agreement”). Upon exercise of an Option Year by any Purchaser under section 4.11 (Option Years), the Supplier will be the exclusive Supplier of the Goods and/or Services to such Purchaser during the relevant Option Years in accordance with the terms of the relevant Master Agreement and Purchase Agreement. For the avoidance of doubt, if a Purchaser does not elect to exercise an Option Year in accordance with Section 4.11 (Option Years), the Purchaser shall no longer be considered a Purchaser or qualify for addition as an Eligible Purchaser for that particular Procurement.
Procurement Process. In addition to providing strategic energy planning, supply sourcing, and supply management, the Team's procurement process encompasses additional activities to help ensure the success of the procurement. The Team's process typically involves an online, real-time reverse energy auction. The services have been organized into three categories: Pre-Auction Tasks, Auction Tasks, and Post-Auction Tasks (see Figure 18). (FLOW CHART) FIGURE 18: THE TEAM'S COMPREHENSIVE PROCUREMENT PROCESS WORLD ENERGY SOLUTIONS PROPRIETARY INFORMATION WORLD ENERGY SOLUTIONS
Procurement Process. WCCCA procurement rules shall be used for their designated deliverables as preapproved by the City. For goods and services procured by WCCCA, any orders exceeding $50,000 will need City Council review and approval before order (a process that takes up to 4 weeks). The receipt of goods and services will be logged in a mutually agreeable tracking/accounting system. This will act as verification that services have been received prior to payment. Payment for goods and services will not be made until receipt can be confirmed. Once confirmed, the invoice will be routed through the approval process and paid accordingly. WCCCA will promptly notify the City of any disputes with contractors or subcontractors.
Procurement Process. (a) The Chiller Owner accedes that the conduct of competitive bidding acceptable to the World Bank shall be a pre-condition to participation in the Project.
Procurement Process. [The Agreement is intended to be a contract for “energy” and/or “energy related services” within the meaning of X.X. x. 30B, §1(b)(33) and therefore this Agreement is exempt from the competitive procurement procedures set forth in X.X. x. 30B. It shall be the Compact’s obligation to comply with submission and reporting requirements of X.X.
Procurement Process. 6.1 It is proposed that the Framework Agreement for additional SIL placements is procured using the open tendering procedure following all EU Procurement Regulations for Part B services and other requirements. This is because: • A large number of suppliers are required for the Framework Agreement; • An open tendering procedure provides the best opportunity for all suppliers to access the Framework Agreement; • An open tendering procedure takes into account the immaturity of the market and reduces the burden on suppliers with little tendering experience. • An open tender also ensures that SMEs are not excluding from tendering at the qualification stage, allowing them to potentially be evaluated on their service delivery.