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Of General. Each Syneron Releasor does hereby, jointly and severally, remise, release and forever discharge General, together with (as applicable) all of its officers, directors, employees, insurers, agents, trustees, attorneys, successors and assigns (but in each case only to the extent they are acting in their capacities as such) (collectively, the “Released General Entities”), of and from the Counterclaims. It is the intention of the Syneron Releasors fully, finally and forever to release the Released General Entities from the Counterclaims as specified by this Section ‎3(a)(ii). In furtherance of such intention, this release shall be and remain in effect notwithstanding the discovery subsequent to the Effective Date of any presently existing fact. Notwithstanding the foregoing, it is expressly understood that this release does not release the Released General Entities or any of them from the obligations set forth in this Agreement, the Exhibits hereto and the other documents delivered at the Closing.
Of General. Employees promoted from bargaining unit to a supervisory position after June who have less than two (2) years general seniority will accumulate seniority for a period of time equal to one-half of their general seniority. In the an employee is returned to the bargaining unit, he shall displace the leastsenior employee on the plant sen- iority list, who is actively employed, whose work he can provided his seniority is greater. In the event his plant seniority is not sufficient to displace such an employee, he shall take his place on the recall list.

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  • 1General The Developer and Connecting Transmission Owner shall each submit to the other Party, on a monthly basis, invoices of amounts due for the preceding month. Each invoice shall state the month to which the invoice applies and fully describe the services and equipment provided. The Developer and Connecting Transmission Owner may discharge mutual debts and payment obligations due and owing to each other on the same date through netting, in which case all amounts one Party owes to the other Party under this Agreement, including interest payments or credits, shall be netted so that only the net amount remaining due shall be paid by the owing Party.

  • Authority of General Partner The General Partner shall have sole authority to manage the business and affairs of the Partnership, which authority shall be delegated as provided in this Agreement. Subject to the limitations in this Agreement, the General Partner shall have the authority to take any action it deems to be necessary or appropriate in connection with the business and affairs of the Partnership, including without limitation the power and authority to:

  • Contractor’s General Responsibilities The Contractor, regardless of any delegation or subcontract entered by the Contractor, shall be responsible for the following when providing information technology staff augmentation services:

  • Services Generally Except as otherwise provided herein, for the term determined pursuant to Article 4 hereof, Adaptec shall provide or cause to be provided to Roxio the service(s) described in the Transition Service Schedule(s) attached hereto. The service(s) described on a single Transition Service Schedule shall be referred to herein as a "Service." Collectively, the services described on all the Transition Service Schedules (including Additional Services) shall be referred to herein as "Services."

  • Management Generally Except as otherwise expressly provided in this Agreement, the business and affairs of the Company shall be managed under the direction of the board of directors of the Company (the “Board”). In addition to the powers and authorities by this Agreement expressly conferred upon them, the Board may exercise all such powers of the Company and do all such lawful acts and things as are not by the Act or by this Agreement required to be exercised or done by the Member(s). Certain powers and authorities of the Board may be concurrently allocated to or executed by the Chief Executive Officer, or one or more other officers, when and to the extent expressly delegated thereto by the Board in accordance with this Agreement; provided, that any such delegation may be revoked at any time and for any reason by the Board. Approval by or action taken by the Board in accordance with this Agreement shall constitute approval or action by the Company and shall be binding on the Member(s). Each Director on the Board shall be a “manager” of the Company within the meaning of the Act.

  • Establishment of a Free Trade Area The Parties to this Agreement, consistent with Article XXIV of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade 1994 (GATT 1994) and Article V of the General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS), hereby establish a free trade area.