Statutory Authority Sample Clauses

Statutory Authority. Connecticut General Statute §§ 10a-104, 10a-108, 4a-52a, and 10a-151b provide the University with authority to enter into contracts in the pursuit of its mission.
Statutory Authority. By virtue of Section 25-53-21 of the Mississippi Code Annotated, as amended, the executive director of ITS is the purchasing and contracting agent for the State of Mississippi in the negotiation and execution of all contracts for the acquisition of information technology equipment, software and services. The parties understand and agree that ITS as contracting agent is not responsible or liable for the performance or non-performance of any of Purchaser’s or Seller’s contractual obligations, financial or otherwise, contained within this Agreement.
Statutory Authority. The Parties will not construe this Planning Agreement to require any Party to act beyond or in a manner inconsistent with its statutory authority.
Statutory Authority. The Parties will not construe this Agreement to require any Party to act beyond, or inconsistent with, its statutory authority.
Statutory Authority. Identify the Requesting Agency’s and Servicing Agency’s statutory authority for this IAA.
Statutory Authority. NPS must have statutory authority to both (1) accept a donation, and (2) expend donated funds or use donated goods and services. Documents such as Executive Orders or NPS Director’s Orders do not provide statutory authority to accept and expend or use donations for specific purposes and should not be cited as statutory authority. Include a provision citing the statutes NPS is relying on for legal authority in all Fundraising Agreements. A typical statutory authority provision reads as follows:
Statutory Authority. The Company shall operate as a limited liability company in accordance with this Agreement and the Act. The rights and obligations of the Members and Management among themselves and in relation to the Company shall be determined in accordance with this Agreement and the Act. To the extent that anything contained in this Agreement conflicts with the Act, or modifies, supplements or otherwise affects any rights or obligations under the Act, this Agreement shall supersede the Act, except to the extent expressly restricted by the Act.