Pricing Sample Clauses

Pricing. Pricing to the DIR Customer shall be as set forth in Appendix A, Section 8, Pricing, Purchase Orders, Invoices and Payment, and as set forth in Appendix C, Pricing Index, and shall include the DIR Administrative Fee.
Pricing. The Vendor agrees to provide pricing to TIPS and its participating governmental entities that is at least equal to the lowest pricing available to like cooperative purchasing customers and the pricing shall remain so throughout the duration of the Agreement. Price increases will be honored according to the terms of the solicitation. However, the Vendor shall honor previous prices for thirty (30) days after written notification to TIPS of an increase. All pricing submitted to TIPS shall include the participation fee, as provided in the solicitation, to be remitted to TIPS by the Vendor. Vendor will not show adding the fee to the invoice presented to customer. Failure to render the participation fee to TIPS shall constitute a breach of this agreement and shall be grounds for termination of this agreement and any other agreement held with TIPS.
Pricing a. Unit Pricing If required by the Bid Specifications, the Bidder should insert the price per unit specified and the price extensions in decimals, not to exceed four places for each item unless otherwise specified, in the Bid. In the event of a discrepancy between the unit price and the extension, the unit price shall govern unless, in the sole judgment of the Commissioner, such unit pricing is obviously erroneous.
Pricing. All Equipment, Products, or Services under this Contract will be priced at or below the price stated in Supplier’s Proposal. When providing pricing quotes to Participating Entities, all pricing quoted must reflect a Participating Entity’s total cost of acquisition. This means that the quoted cost is for delivered Equipment, Products, and Services that are operational for their intended purpose, and includes all costs to the Participating Entity’s requested delivery location. Regardless of the payment method chosen by the Participating Entity, the total cost associated with any purchase option of the Equipment, Products, or Services must always be disclosed in the pricing quote to the applicable Participating Entity at the time of purchase.
Pricing. Payment shall be made in accordance with the provisions of this CONTRACT. Partial progress payments may be allowed at the discretion of the COUNTY Project Manager. Payment shall be as follows: