Accounting system definition

Accounting system means the total structure of records and procedures which discover, record, classify, and report information on the financial position and operating results of the Judicial Department, or a segment of the Judicial Department, or any of its funds, balanced account groups, and organizational components."

Examples of Accounting system in a sentence

  • Having a robust Cost Accounting system equipped with the knowledge of internal and external information is very essential for any business.

  • Accounting system – performance of all accounting functions and having custody of assets.

  • Such Cost Accounting system provides the necessary information to the management to take the key decisions and implement them successfully.

  • Accounting system BillingCost estimatingTime sheet preparation Fringe benefits/leave time OvertimeRecording direct vs.

  • While making payment, necessary income tax and service tax deductions will be made.6. SECTION VII: SERVICE LEVEL AGREEMENT (SLA) & PENALTY CLAUSE The purpose of this Service Level Agreement (hereinafter referred to as SLA) is to clearly define the levels of service which shall be provided by the TSP to GSFS for the duration of the contract for providing financial Accounting system Applications, Training, Maintenance and Warranty support against the stated scope of work.

More Definitions of Accounting system

Accounting system means the total structure of records and procedures used to record, to classify, to summarize, and to report on the financial position of a governmental entity or any of its funds, fund types, or organizational components.
Accounting system means the total structure of records and procedures
Accounting system means an accounting system and related accounting processes that allow the Loan Parties to generate customary accounting reports and complete customary accounting functions, in each case, with respect to the Loan Parties and their Subsidiaries.
Accounting system means the series of tasks and records of an entity by which transactions are processed as a means of maintaining financial records. Such systems identify, assemble, analyse, calculate, classify, record, summarise and report transactions and other events.
Accounting system means the total set of interrelated principles, rules, requirements, definitions, accounts, records, procedures and mechanisms necessary to operate and evaluate the entity from a financial perspective. An accounting system generally consists of a chart of accounts, various parallel sub-systems and subsidiary records. An accounting system is utilized to provide the necessary financial information to users to meet judiciary and other responsibilities.