Information Updates Sample Clauses

Information Updates. During the term of this Agreement the Trust shall have the ongoing obligation to provide UMBFS with the following documents as soon as they become effective: (i) certified copies of all amendments to its Declaration of Trust and By-laws made after the date of this Agreement; and (ii) a copy of each Fund’s currently effective Prospectus. For purposes of this Agreement, UMBFS shall not be deemed to have notice of any information contained in any such Prospectus until a reasonable time after it is actually received by UMBFS.
Information Updates. (a) The Managing Member shall notify the Class B Members of the occurrence of any Emergency or material risk of Emergency, material developments, or events that are reasonably likely to adversely affect the Company or any of its Subsidiaries, and any breaches of any Affiliate Transactions or Material Project Agreement, including (for the avoidance of doubt) any breach or threatened breach of any representation, warranty, covenant, or agreement under the Purchase Agreement. The Managing Member shall provide notice of the foregoing events promptly, but in no event more than five (5) Business Days following the date on which the Managing Member becomes aware of such events.
Information Updates. The Borrower shall (a) (i) hold bi-weekly conference calls with its advisors, including legal counsel, the Administrative Agent and the Administrative Agent’s advisors, including FTI and Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer US LLP, and the Consultant, and, (ii) commencing once the relevant delivery requirement is in effect, a monthly conference call with the Administrative Agent, the Administrative Agent’s advisors, including FTI, the Lenders and the Consultant to discuss the financial statements furnished pursuant to Section 6.01(d), each segment’s performance and material contracts, including current margin expectations compared to original estimates, and (b) provide the Administrative Agent’s advisors, including FTI, upon request with commercially reasonable access to records, books of account and the properties of the Borrower and its Subsidiaries with no notice required and on an ongoing basis.
Information Updates. CITY shall, upon request from CGI, promptly inform CGI as to the status of the performance of CITY’s obligations hereunder.
Information Updates. The Company shall, prior to the Closing, notify Purchaser in writing of, and as promptly as practical will provide Purchaser with true and complete copies of, any and all material information or documents relating to, any event, transaction or circumstance, as soon as practicable after it becomes known to the Company, occurring after the date of this Agreement and prior to the Closing that causes any covenant of the Company under this Agreement or any other Transaction Documents to be breached or that renders untrue any representation or warranty of the Company contained in this Agreement as if the same were made on or as of the date of such event, transaction or circumstance.
Information Updates. At the request of RMV, the Service Provider shall promptly transmit to its Lienholders notice of all changes in RMV policies and procedures, or other informational updates related to the ELT Program. The Service Provider shall insure that all of its Lienholders have the capability of receiving any such transmissions. The RMV shall be entitled to use such internet e-mail capability to communicate directly with Lienholders in connection with any aspect of the ELT Program. The Service Provider shall inform the RMV of the current internet e-mail address for both, its help-line, and for each of its Lienholders.
Information Updates. WCCI shall keep Paratek regularly informed of the progress of its efforts to Commercialize Products in the Field in the Territory, by providing periodic updates which shall summarize WCCI’s efforts to Commercialize Lead Candidates and Products in the Field and identify the Regulatory Filings and Drug Approval Applications with respect to such Lead Candidates and Products that WCCI or any of its Affiliates or Sublicensees have filed; provided, that, in providing each such update, WCCI shall be entitled to omit discussion of Confidential Information of WCCI that WCCI reasonably determines to be materially sensitive.
Information Updates. The Administrator is responsible for keeping all account information current and for promptly notifying iiX of any changes.
Information Updates. ICT will maintain provision to Visa of complete current information about the Service as necessary for Visa to perform its obligations hereunder. Without limiting the foregoing, ICT will provide Visa with the results of its U.S.-based consumer research study to support the sales efforts contemplated herein. Visa acknowledges and agrees that at the time of signing this Agreement, ICT had already substantially satisfied its obligations under this Section I.AB.