Relating to the Project Sample Clauses

Relating to the Project. Borrower represents and warrants to Lender that:

Related to Relating to the Project

  • Information Relating to the Portfolios (a) No person is authorized to make any representations concerning shares of a Portfolio other than those contained in the Portfolio's Prospectus. In buying Portfolio shares from us under this Agreement, you will rely only on the representations contained in the Prospectus. Upon your request, we will furnish you with a reasonable number of copies of the Portfolios' current prospectuses or statements of additional information or both (including any stickers thereto). (b) Any printed or electronic information that we furnish you (other than the Portfolios' Prospectuses and periodic reports) is our sole responsibility and not the responsibility of the respective Portfolios. You agree that the Portfolios will have no liability or responsibility to you with respect to any such printed or electronic information. We or the respective Portfolio will bear the expense of qualifying its shares under the state securities laws. (c) You may not use any sales literature or advertising material (including material disseminated through radio, television, or other electronic media) concerning Portfolio shares, other than the printed or electronic information referred to in paragraph 6(b) above, in connection with the offer or sale of Portfolio shares without obtaining our prior written approval. You may not distribute or make available to investors any information that we furnish you marked "FOR DEALER USE ONLY" or that otherwise indicates that it is confidential or not intended to be distributed to investors. 7.

  • Returning to Work (a) Returning to work early

  • Reporting to Work Employees shall be at their work sites, report-in location or headquarters location by their shift starting time. A Natural Resources Officer’s report-in location shall be one assigned park. Any employee who must begin work at some location other than his/her actual work location or headquarter county or any Natural Resources Officer who must begin work at some other location other than his/her assigned park shall be compensated according to current Department/Agency practices. Within the Department of Natural Resources Division of Parks and Watercraft, remote office locations may be authorized by Parks and Watercraft management. The Division reserves the right to designate the remote office location and will provide the equipment needed to perform authorized duties from this location. Employees in the Department of Commerce, Division of Liquor Control, classified as Compliance Agents, will have their residence as a starting work site. The report-in location of employees assigned to the Enforcement Unit at the Department of Public Safety, shall be twenty (20) miles from their home or the location at which they join their partner whichever is less. Employees who are on authorized travel expenses, greater than forty- five (45) miles from their home, have the option to commute. Employees who wish to commute rather than claim travel expenses may request to commute by use of a Request for Waiver of Travel Expenses form. Employees making such requests shall waive their right to the twenty

  • Obligations relating to Project Agreements 5.2.1 It is expressly agreed that the Concessionaire shall, at all times, be responsible and liable for all its obligations under this Agreement notwithstanding anything contained in the Project Agreements or any other agreement, and no default under any Project Agreement or agreement shall excuse the Concessionaire from its obligations or liability hereunder.

  • Other Matters Relating to the Servicer The Servicer is hereby authorized and empowered to:

  • Matters Relating to Collateral A. CREATION, PERFECTION AND PRIORITY OF LIENS. The execution and delivery of the Collateral Documents by Loan Parties, together with (x) the actions taken on or prior to the date hereof pursuant to subsections 3.1M, 3.1N, 5.8, 5.9 and 5.11 and (y) the delivery to Collateral Agent of any Pledged Collateral of the Loan Parties not delivered to Collateral Agent at the time of execution and delivery of the applicable Collateral Document (all of which Pledged Collateral has been so delivered) are effective to create in favor of Collateral Agent, for the benefit of Secured Parties, a Lien on all of the Collateral of the Loan Parties (which Lien has priority over any other Lien on such Collateral, subject to Permitted Encumbrances and Liens permitted under subsection 6.2A), and all filings and other actions necessary or desirable to perfect and maintain the perfection and such priority of such Liens have been duly made or taken and remain in full force and effect, other than the filing of any UCC financing statements delivered to Collateral Agent for filing (but not yet filed) and the periodic filing of UCC continuation statements in respect of UCC financing statements filed by or on behalf of Collateral Agent.

  • Completion of the Project The Contracting Party shall complete the construction, equipping and furnishing of the Improvements in accordance with the Plans and submit to the Board a Certificate of Completion on or before November 1, 2016.

  • Certain Rules Relating to the Payment of Additional Amounts (a) Upon the request, and at the expense of the Borrower, each Lender and Agent to which the Borrower is required to pay any additional amount pursuant to Subsection 4.10 or 4.11, and any Participant in respect of whose participation such payment is required, shall reasonably afford the Borrower the opportunity to contest, and reasonably cooperate with the Borrower in contesting, the imposition of any Non-Excluded Tax giving rise to such payment; provided that (i) such Lender or Agent shall not be required to afford the Borrower the opportunity to so contest unless the Borrower shall have confirmed in writing to such Lender or Agent its obligation to pay such amounts pursuant to this Agreement and (ii) the Borrower shall reimburse such Lender or Agent for its reasonable attorneys’ and accountants’ fees and disbursements incurred in so cooperating with the Borrower in contesting the imposition of such Non-Excluded Tax; provided, however, that notwithstanding the foregoing no Lender or Agent shall be required to afford the Borrower the opportunity to contest, or cooperate with the Borrower in contesting, the imposition of any Non-Excluded Taxes, if such Lender or Agent in its sole discretion in good faith determines that to do so would have an adverse effect on it.

  • The Project The Project is the total construction of which the Work performed under the Contract Documents may be the whole or a part.

  • OBJECTING TO THE SETTLEMENT You can tell the Court that you do not agree with the Settlement or some part of it.