Site Work Sample Clauses

Site Work. An expansion of the Connecting Transmission Owner’s Boonville Station is required to accommodate the CTOIFs. The southern corner of the fence line will be expanded out by approximately 3,200 square feet. The Connecting Transmission Owner already owns the property required for the expansion. Approximately 120 feet of the existing fencing will need to be removed and approximately 150 feet of new fencing added.
Site Work a. Streets, driveways, alleys, and parking areas. Repair and restriping of existing concrete or asphalt surfaces and parking areas provided that no changes are made in width, surface, vertical alignment or drainage.
Site Work. A. Area of Concern: Settling of ground around the building and the utility trenches. Standard: When the areas for the building and the utilities serving the building were excavated, the holes dug were larger than the actual size of the building and the utilities installed. In certain situations, due to engineering requirements, these areas cannot be compacted when they are backfilled and are, therefore, subject to slight settlement. If settlement occurs, Summit Homes Construction will fill the settled areas once during the Warranty Period provided that (i) Developer or Initial Purchaser has not changed the grades, xxxxxx, and drainage patterns of the site and (ii) Developer or Initial Purchaser assumes full responsibility for any landscaping affected thereby. Any additional settlement must be corrected by Developer or Initial Purchaser.
Site Work. In-kind repair/replacement of site improvements in existing footprint, including, but not limited to fences, landscaping, and steps.
Site Work. When any aspect of this Order involves attendance at or the performance of Services at XXXXX CHEMTEC’s plant site, the following additional provisions shall apply: (a) Supplier and its agents, officers, employees and subcontractors shall comply with all plant site rules and all safety and security regulations imposed by XXXXX CHEMTEC; (b) Supplier shall take all necessary precautions to prevent the occurrence of any injury to person or property during the performance of the Services; (c) Supplier shall maintain the following insurance during the performance of the Services, and shall provide XXXXX CHEMTEC with satisfactory proof of such insurance coverage: (i) general liability insurance covering all sums which Supplier shall become liable to pay as damages arising out of property damage, personal injury or death; (ii) automobile liability insurance covering all sums which Supplier shall become liable to pay as damages arising out bodily injury, death or property damage, arising out of the operation of owned or non-owned vehicles; (iii) Workers’ Compensation Insurance to conform with the laws and limits in accordance with statutory requirements of the applicable jurisdiction and employer’s liability insurance covering all sums which Supplier shall become liable to pay as damages arising out of bodily injury to or occupational disease of the employees of Supplier or employees of any subcontractor of Supplier; and
Site Work. The point of property separation will be the existing Luther Forest southern fence-line. This fence will be owned and maintained by National Grid (Refer to section 1.13 “Luther Forest Station - Existing Physical layout”). There will be two(2) new rigid conduits installed to create secondary cable paths from the existing “A” trench system to each of the new revenue metering locations. There will be certain sections of the Luther Forest station that have to be regarded once the in-ground work has been completed.
Site Work. The Developer shall be responsible for the clearing, grubbing and backfilling, with proper compaction, of the new Xxxxxxx Substation. The Developer shall design the site for proper drainage with a slope of one (1) percent. The site plan shall provide for good drainage with no accumulation of standing water.
Site Work. (a) It is Provider’s sole responsibility to ensure that all Site Work other than the Civil Work complies with all federal, state, and local code requirements and all applicable industry codes and standards, and all other requirements in the Agreement.
Site Work. In the event of unanticipated archaeological discoveries for any of the activities mentioned below, the Indiana SHPO shall be contacted within two (2) business days.
Site Work. 1) Site plan to scale with all structures located, major yard piping, new and existing site utilities, new and existing storm drainage, etc. and new and existing grades identified.