Parking Passes Sample Clauses

Parking Passes. KSE may, in its sole discretion, offer Account Holder the opportunity to purchase passes for parking in Venue-controlled lots on terms and in locations determined by the Venue.
Parking Passes. From and after the Rent Commencement Date, the Landlord shall provide Parking Passes (as defined in Exhibit A) for use by the Tenant’s employees in accordance with the provisions of this Section 2.4, and in the 00 Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxx garage as designated on Exhibit C-2. Landlord reserves the right to relocate some or all of Tenant’s parking spaces to other parking garages within University Park, which relocation right shall not be exercised by Landlord more than twice in any twelve (12)-month period. The Tenant agrees that it and all persons claiming by, through and under it, shall at all times abide by the Rules and Regulations with respect to the use of the parking facilities provided by the Landlord pursuant to this Lease. The Landlord acknowledges that it is the Landlord’s responsibility to assure Tenant that holders of Parking Passes who comply with the Rules and Regulations are able to park their motor vehicles in the designated parking facilities within the Park. The Tenant acknowledges that the parking facilities within the Park may be owned by an entity other than Landlord. In no event are Parking Passes transferable other than to the holder, from time to time, of the tenant’s interest under this Lease or a subtenant that has been demised all or a portion of the Premises in conformity with the requirements of this Lease. Parking Passes are limited to use by employees of either of the foregoing.
Parking Passes. Tenant is responsible for all costs to replace any lost or stolen parking permits.
Parking Passes. 22.1 Each employee with five (5) or more years seniority will receive three (3) complimentary parking passes each calendar year, valid for one (1) period of parking not to exceed twenty-four (24) hours.
Parking Passes. Where possible, the Employer shall provide parking passes in advance of the job for Xxxxxxx who are required to park at the job location.
Parking Passes. Tenant shall rent ( ) unreserved parking passes for each 1,000 [usable or rentable] square feet contained in the Premises, which equals ( ) unreserved passes, upon the terms and conditions and at the rate provided in Article 23 hereof.
Parking Passes. Tenant shall be entitled to use eleven (11) unreserved parking passes upon the terms and conditions provided in Article 23 hereof.
Parking Passes. On the terms and conditions set forth in Article 23, Tenant shall have the right to utilize up to three and two-thirds (3.67) parking passes per one thousand (1, 000) rentable square feet in the Premises (i.e. thirty-three (33) parking passes), four (4) of such parking passes shall be to the dedicated covered, reserved portion of the parking area serving the Project at no additional charge (other than applicable taxes) for the entire lease term and nine (9) of such parking passes shall be to the covered, reserved portion of the parking area serving the Project, at a rate of $45.00 per pass, per month (payable at such time as Basic Rental is due and payable).
Parking Passes. If the current account has 1 or more parking passes, the parking pass may be transferred with the PSL to the transferee. Parking passes cannot be maintained on an account without a PSL on the same account. If the account has no parking pass or the current owner is not transferring the parking pass to the transferee, the new owner must have at least 2 PSLs on the account to be eligible to be placed on a waiting list for a parking pass. Parking passes cannot be transferred independently of a PSL transfer.
Parking Passes. Tenant is hereby allocated the number of reserved covered, reserved uncovered and unreserved parking passes designated in Article 1.16 hereof, entitling holders to park in either reserved covered, reserved uncovered or unreserved parking spaces, as the case may be, located in the Parking Accommodations as designated by Landlord from time to time for use by Tenant, its employees and licensees, and for which Tenant shall pay the monthly charges set forth in Article 1.17 hereof Landlord and Tenant shall execute, prior to the Commencement Date a Reserved Covered Parking License in the form attached hereto as Exhibit "E", a Reserved Uncovered Parking License in the form attached as Exhibit "F", and a Non-Exclusive Unreserved Parking License in the form attached as Exhibit "G", as applicable. The unreserved parking spaces shall be available to Tenant, its employees and licensees on a "first come, first serve" basis. Holders of parking passes shall not be entitled to park in visitor parking spaces so designated by Landlord, or in any other parking spaces other than those designated by Landlord for use by holders of parking passes.