Parking Spaces definition

Parking Spaces means parking space(s) allotted to the applicant, details of which are mentioned in the terms &conditions.
Parking Spaces means parking space(s) allotted to the Applicant(s) for its exclusive use, details of which are mentioned in this Application.
Parking Spaces means parking space(s) allotted to the Applicant, details of which are mentioned above in the Application.

Examples of Parking Spaces in a sentence

  • It is intended that the Car Parking Spaces shall either form part of the title to the Unit which shall be allocated at the sole discretion of the Seller.

  • Parking Spacesparking spaces, whether assigned to a specific unit (which are considered “Limited Common Areas”) or not assigned to a specific unit.

  • VI; By-law 1391/99) Notwithstanding the provisions of Sections 2.65, 3.2223, 1210.2, and 1210.3 hereof to the contrary, on the lands which are located in the TC-2 zone, a municipal government services complex shall be permitted according to the following provisions: Yard Requirements (minimum) Rear9.0 mNumber of Parking Spaces (total)9Width of Driveway Aisle (minimum)4.0 m For the purposes of interpretation of the zone requirements, the lands Zoned TC-2 shall be considered as one lot.

  • Such requirements typically include minimum parking ratios for different types of uses, requirements regarding siting and dimensions of parking and circulation areas, and landscaping requirements.Several State laws apply to parking and circulation zoning language, including the following:▪ Electric Vehicle (EV) Parking Spaces.

  • Tandem Parking Spaces for a Secondary SuiteDespite and (1) in the residential zone category a required parking space for a secondary suite in a detached house, semi-detached house or townhouse, or for the dwelling units in a duplex, may be a parking space in tandem with another required parking space.

More Definitions of Parking Spaces

Parking Spaces means the spaces in the basement floors and the ground floor of the Buildings as also in the open space surrounding or adjacent to the Buildings that may be earmarked by the Promoter for parking cars;
Parking Spaces means on and off street spaces designated for automobile parking in areas planned for industrial, commercial, institutional or public uses. The following are not considered parking spaces for the purposes of OAR 660-012-0045(5)(c): park and ride lots, handicapped parking, and parking spaces for carpools and vanpools., other than parking spaces reserved for carpools, vanpools, or people with disabilities.
Parking Spaces means the car parking spaces, the disabled parking space and motor cycle parking spaces situated in the Parking Areas for the parking of motor vehicles (for the avoidance of doubt, including motor vehicles by disabled persons but excluding motor cycles and goods vehicles) and the parking of motor cycles respectively as required under Clause 3.24(a) of the said lease and as shown as such in the car park layout plan referred to in Clause 3.25 of the said lease. For the avoidance of doubt, the Parking Spaces shall include the Visitors’ Car Parking Spaces before the designation of the Visitors’ Car Parking Spaces as additional Estate Common Areas and Facilities in accordance with the provisions of this Deed and after such designation, the Parking Spaces shall thereafter be construed as excluding the Visitors’ Car Parking Spaces;
Parking Spaces means eighty-six (86) unassigned and uncovered parking spaces in areas on the Property, which Landlord designates from time-to-time for parking by tenants in the Building.
Parking Spaces means spaces in or portions of the ground floor of the new building and also spaces in the open compound at the ground level of the premises for parking of motor cars, two wheelers and other vehicles permitted by the vendor.
Parking Spaces the sum of (a) 89 parking spaces located in the parking facilities located inside the Building's adjacent parking garage ("Adjacent Garage Parking Spaces") all of which shall be designated non-reserved parking spaces ("Non-Reserved Parking Spaces"), provided that up to 12 Non-Reserved Parking Spaces may be converted to executive non-reserved parking spaces ("Executive Non-Reserved Parking Spaces"), plus (b) 2 parking spaces ("Reserved Executive Parking Spaces") located in the parking facilities located inside the Building's executive parking garage beneath the Building ("Executive Garage"). In addition, upon Tenant's request, Landlord will temporarily make additional Non-Reserved Parking Spaces ("Additional Non-Reserved Parking Spaces") available to Tenant if and to the extent available for an amount equal to the number of employees of Tenant in excess of 89, Additional Non-Reserved Parking Spaces shall be deemed available to Tenant only to the extent such spaces have not been leased or committed to other tenants or potential tenants of the Building. Landlord may terminate Tenant's right to use any Additional Non-Reserved Parking Spaces that Landlord determines to lease or make available to other tenants of the Building, provided that Landlord shall be permitted to terminate Tenant's right to use spaces only to the extent necessary to provide another tenant of the Building up to but no more than one (1) parking space for every three hundred thirty-three (333) rentable square feet contained in such other tenant's premises.
Parking Spaces means the spaces provided by the Authority for parking and have been described in detail in Annexure 9 of this Agreement.