Current Owner definition

Current Owner has the meaning set forth in Section 5.2.10(f) hereof.
Current Owner means (i) an owner, as of the effective date of this Agreement, of an Equity Interest in the general partner of Plains AAP and (ii) any Affiliate of such owner.
Current Owner means a person with an ownership interest in an ODA-certified provider whose interest in the provider is being sold or transferred.

Examples of Current Owner in a sentence

  • If a requestor whose liability arises solely as a result of ownership, operation of or involvement with the site, submit a statement describing why you should be considered a volunteer – bespecific as to the appropriate care taken.Requestor’s Relationship to Property (check one):Prior Owner Current Owner Potential /Future Purchaser Other If requestor is not the current site owner, proof of site access sufficient to complete the remediationmust be submitted.

  • Therefore, in connection with its purchase of the Hotel Property, the Operating Partnership will assume all of the obligations of the Current Owner under the Management Agreement.

  • Under the terms of the agreement between the Current Owner and Hyatt dated December 11, 1987, as amended on September 12, 1988, February 15, 1990 and October 1, 1994 (the "Management Agreement"), Hyatt is obligated to provide all services in relation to the operation of the Hotel Property and collect all hotel receipts.

  • Section 15.2 of the Management Agreement requires that all assignments of the Management Agreement be approved by Hyatt and that any assignees expressly assume the obligations of the Current Owner under the Management Agreement.

  • Address: Location in relation to Collateral Property: Current Owner: Current Operator of site (if different from current Owner): 1.

More Definitions of Current Owner

Current Owner means the owner of property at the time a rebate under this section is paid.
Current Owner has the meaning set forth in Section 1.01.
Current Owner means a Class Member who, according to Defendant BP’s accounting records, owned the Subject Royalty Interest as of January 2015. In the case of wells that have been plugged and abandoned during the Class Period, however, the royalty revenue deck applicable to the final month of gas production from that well, subject to fair inquiry and correction, shall be used to identify the Current Owner.
Current Owner. , of land, means the person who is now the owner of the land.
Current Owner. As defined in the Master Agreement.
Current Owner means Findlay Plaza Housing Development Fund Corporation.
Current Owner means a Settlement Class Member who is the owner of a Class Vehicle as the date of a Claim is made therefor. For the purposes of this Agreement, a Current Owner may be or have been a co-owner (“Propriétaire actuel”).