Space Sample Clauses

Space. Bearing in mind the respective competencies of the Community, its Member States and the European Space Agency the Parties shall promote where appropriate long-term cooperation in the areas of civil space research, development and commercial applications. The Parties will pay particular attention to initiatives making full use of the complementarity of their respective space activities. Article J7
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Space. The Space shall refer to that part of the Premises to which the Government has exclusive use, such as Office Area, or other type of Space. Parking areas to which the Government has rights under this Lease are not included in the Space.
Space. In order to facilitate the orderly, as well as the confidential, investigation of specific grievances, the University shall make available to Union Representatives or Stewards temporary use of an office or similar facility.
Space d) floor space in the experimental area(s) for the Equipment;
Space. Footprints in a Central Office will have a minimum size of 600 x 400 mm and have a minimum height that will accommodate a 2,200 mm ETSI rack (availability of larger Footprints will be dependent on site).
Space. The University agrees to provide suitable office space. Subject to availability and normal University regulations concerning use of space, the University agrees to provide the Association with suitable meeting rooms, upon request.
Space. Vendor shall have an assigned “Market Space” on each Market Day. Vendor acknowledges and agrees that Department may, in its sole discretion, require Vendor to relocate to a different Market Space during the Season.
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Space. The Space for which access and use is granted is shown on the attached EXHIBIT “A” which is incorporated herein. City may relocate, add, substitute, or delete portions of the Space at its sole option as may be required in the opinion of the Director of Airports. The City will not be liable or responsible in any way for any inconvenience, cost, or loss by Permittee of work, time, revenue, profit, or business resulting from such changes including, without limitation, any actual, consequential, incidental, or special damages. Permittee accepts the Space “AS IS” with no express or implied warranties or representations, either oral or written, of any kind whatsoever made by the City or any of its officers, employees, agents, or representatives. City, without limitation, expressly disclaims and negates, as to the Space: a) any implied or expressed warranty of merchantability, b) any implied or expressed warranty of fitness for a particular purpose, and c) any implied warranty with respect to the condition of the Space.
Space. The Club will furnish seasonal storage space to the boat owner at the rental rate shown above. No vessel will be allowed at the club without an assigned space. All storage space is assigned by the Dock master. The use of the club property including the mooring field, pier, docks, bridge and parking lot is as determined by the Board of Directors. Dry storage space on the pier is limited and priority is given to boats that will be raced. With payment of the above fees I am certifying my intention to participate in club races. If I do not participate and my space is needed for a boat that will race, I understand I may be asked to move my boat off the pier. If my boat is not removed the club can move my boat in accordance with paragraph 7 of this agreement.
Space. For the purposes of this agreement Space shall refer to either partitioned (caged) or unpartitioned space (cageless), unless specified otherwise and mutually agreed upon. An enclosed secure area, designated by Frontier within a Frontier Central Office, of a size and dimension specified by the Carrier and agreed to by Frontier. Partitioned Space is subject to a minimum size requirement of one- hundred (100) square feet of assignable space or such lesser amount agreed to by both parties. Frontier shall design and construct at Xxxxxxx's expense, subject to Xxxxxxx's pre-approval of the price, a cage or room to establish a clear division between Frontier's and Carrier's area, and for purposes of securing the space for the Carrier's equipment. Un-partitioned space will have a minimum size of one equipment bay, which shall be deemed the equivalent of 15 sq. feet.
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