Notice of Resignation Sample Clauses

Notice of Resignation. If an employee desires to terminate her employment, she shall endeavour to forward a letter of resignation to the Employer four (4) weeks prior to the effective date of termination, and in any event, not less than two (2) weeks prior to the effective date of termination, provided however the Employer may accept a shorter period of notice.
Notice of Resignation. If Executive elects to resign from his employment with the Company, Executive agrees to provide the Company with written notification of his resignation at least thirty (30) days prior to his intended resignation date. Such notice shall include information in reasonable detail about his post-employment job duties and other business activities, including the name and address of any subsequent employer and/or person or entity with whom or which Executive intends to engage in business activities during the Restricted Period and the nature of his job duties and other business activities. The Company may elect to waive all or part of the notice period in its sole discretion.
Notice of Resignation. A worker who wishes to leave the service of the District in good standing must file with the Board of Trustees through the supervisor a written resignation giving the District reasonable notice of the last date of service. The Chancellor or designee is authorized by the Board to officially accept the resignation of any worker. The resignation of the worker shall be final and effective at the time of receipt by the Chancellor or designee.
Notice of Resignation. Regular employees shall be required to give at least fourteen (14) dayswritten notice of resignation except that at least three (3) weeksnotice in writing shall be required of employees working alternative periods such as every other week or every other weekend. Failure to give such notice shall result in loss of accrued fringe benefits. The Employer will give consideration to situations that would make such notice by the employee impossible.
Notice of Resignation. Written notice of the resignation of the General Partner shall be given by the General Partner to the Limited Partner. Such notice shall set forth the day upon which the resignation is to become effective, which date shall not be less than 120 days after such notice is given to the parties being notified.
Notice of Resignation. Nurses shall give the Medical Center not less than two (2) weeksnotice of intended resignation.
Notice of Resignation. A librarian who wishes to resign shall give the following minimum notice to the University prior to the expiration of appointment: Length of Service at the University Minimum Notice Required Up to 1 year 30 days More than 1 year but less than 6 years 60 days 6 years or more 90 days