Manually Sample Clauses

Manually reported repair calls by RESELLER to USW will be answered with the same quality and speed USW answers calls from its own end users.
Manually. A kLink administrator can manually add/delete/disable users in the kLink User file. New links can be added or removed using item 2 from KLMENU (User Account Maintenance and View Logs).
Manually. FRANCHISOR must provide FRANCHISEE with one copy of the FranCHISOR Guide to the Confidential Operation of All Amendments, Changes and Additions, which contain specifications, standard operating procedures, requirements, accounting methods, marketing and advertising practices, and other rules prescribed from time to time by FRANCHISOR. The guides remain confidential and the property of FRANCHISOR. FRANCHISEE must pay FRANCHISOR five hundred dollars ($500.00) for each Guide or any part of it that is not returned to FRANCHISOR after the termination or transfer of this franchise agreement.
Manually. In C:\Sociable\Games\Resources\BOL each user has a folder named with his PatientID. Inside this folder there are 2 subfolders “audio” and “images”. The audio folder contains audio files in mp3 format. The images folder contains photos in jpeg format. If the back-office is not working the medical expert will have to create the folder structure and add manually the photos and audios to these folders.
Manually. The report facility shall make provision for grouping requirements by logical operators (AND, OR, NOT) and by adding more groups of requirements by using brackets and grouping more requirements with logical operators. It shall be possible to save such a report query as a new standard report file. In addition, a number of pre-defined reports shall be provided:
Manually run the system to ensure proper coverage and that no sprinkler head and nozzle are spraying onto the roadway. Clean and adjust sprinkler heads and nozzles and irrigation shields to ensure proper coverage.
Manually propelled mobile scaffolds shall only be used on a hard, level surface that is free from debris and other obstructions that could pose a hazard. Employees shall not be allowed to ride on mobile scaffolds that are being moved.
Manually. Position the mouse cursor on the weeding frame dashed in blue around the objects. The mouse cursor changes into a double-headed arrow. Now draw a horizontal or vertical weeding line to the position where it should be segmented. Repeat the process until all necessary weeding lines are inserted.
Manually removing dirt from roadway at 1 m width along fences and areas under the fences.