Manually Sample Clauses

Manually reported repair calls by RESELLER to USW will be answered with the same quality and speed USW answers calls from its own end users.
Manually. This is useful if you want to run the process at any required moment. Learn more in a separate article: [ Delete data ] process element. Delete unused cultures You can delete cultures that you no longer plan to use to free up additional disk space. To delete a culture, use the following script: Microsoft SQL IF OBJECT_ID('tempdb..#UsedCultures') IS NOT NULL DROP Table #UsedCultures -- Get a list of used cultures SELECT DISTINCT xxxx.Xx INTO #UsedCultures FROM SysCulture cult INNER JOIN SysAdminUnit au ON au.SysCultureId = xxxx.Xx INSERT INTO #UsedCultures (Id) SELECT SysSettingsValue.GuidValue FROM SysSettingsValue INNER JOIN SysSettings ON XxxXxxxxxxx.Xx = SysSettingsValue.SysSettingsId WHERE SysSettings.Code = 'PrimaryCulture' -- Get a list of tables from which to delete data DECLARE TableNamesCursor CURSOR FOR SELECT t3.TABLE_NAME AS ChildTableName FROM INFORMATION_SCHEMA.REFERENTIAL_CONSTRAINTS AS t1 INNER JOIN INFORMATION_SCHEMA.KEY_COLUMN_USAGE AS t2 ON t1.UNIQUE_CONSTRAINT_NAME = t2.C INNER JOIN INFORMATION_SCHEMA.KEY_COLUMN_USAGE AS t3 ON t1.CONSTRAINT_NAME = t3.CONSTRAI WHERE t2.TABLE_NAME = 'SysCulture' and t2.COLUMN_NAME = 'Id' and t3.COLUMN_NAME = 'SysCultureId' DECLARE @TableName SYSNAME OPEN TableNamesCursor FETCH NEXT FROM TableNamesCursor INTO @TableName WHILE @@FETCH_STATUS = 0 BEGIN PRINT @TableName DECLARE @Sql NVARCHAR(MAX); SET @Sql = 'DELETE FROM ' + @TableName + ' WHERE SysCultureId NOT IN (SELECT Id FROM #UsedCultures)'; PRINT @Sql EXECUTE sp_executesql @Sql FETCH NEXT FROM TableNamesCursor INTO @TableName END CLOSE TableNamesCursor DEALLOCATE TableNamesCursor DELETE FROM SysCulture WHERE Id NOT IN (SELECT Id FROM #UsedCultures) IF OBJECT_ID('tempdb..#UsedCultures') IS NOT NULL DROP Table #UsedCultures PostgreSQL BEGIN; -- Get a list of used cultures CREATE TEMP TABLE "UsedCultures" ON COMMIT DROP AS SELECT DISTINCT cult."Id" FROM "SysCulture" cult INNER JOIN "SysAdminUnit" au
Manually removing dirt from roadway at 1 m width along fences and areas under the fences.
Manually run the system to ensure proper coverage and that no sprinkler head and nozzle are spraying onto the roadway. Clean and adjust sprinkler heads and nozzles and irrigation xxxxxxx to ensure proper coverage.
Manually. In C:\Sociable\Games\Resources\BOL each user has a folder named with his PatientID. Inside this folder there are 2 subfolders “audio” and “images”. The audio folder contains audio files in mp3 format. The images folder contains photos in jpeg format. If the back-office is not working the medical expert will have to create the folder structure and add manually the photos and audios to these folders.
Manually. The report facility shall make provision for grouping requirements by logical operators (AND, OR, NOT) and by adding more groups of requirements by using brackets and grouping more requirements with logical operators. It shall be possible to save such a report query as a new standard report file. In addition, a number of pre-defined reports shall be provided:
Manually. FRANCHISOR must provide FRANCHISEE with one copy of the FranCHISOR Guide to the Confidential Operation of All Amendments, Changes and Additions, which contain specifications, standard operating procedures, requirements, accounting methods, marketing and advertising practices, and other rules prescribed from time to time by FRANCHISOR. The guides remain confidential and the property of FRANCHISOR. FRANCHISEE must pay FRANCHISOR five hundred dollars ($500.00) for each Guide or any part of it that is not returned to FRANCHISOR after the termination or transfer of this franchise agreement.

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  • Counterpart This Agreement may be executed in several counterparts, each of which shall be an original, but all of which together shall constitute one and the same agreement.