Automatically Sample Clauses

Automatically. Automatically and immediately should one of the following events occur:
Automatically in the event (i) Owner sells or otherwise disposes of all or substantially all of the Properties (which for purposes of clarification may include the sale of all or substantially all of the REIT’s or the OP’s direct or indirect ownership interests in Owner), (ii) of an initial public offering of the REIT, or (iii) a Bankruptcy Event occurs with respect to Manager; or
Automatically. By no action on the part of the parties if the Merger Agreement is terminated in accordance with its terms.
Automatically. This Agreement shall terminate automatically if (i) BRNI elects to proceed with clause (ii) of Section 12.1 and (ii) BRNI, on the one hand, and John Abeles and Jim New, on the other hand, do not agree, within ninety (90) days of such election by BRNI, to a new target amount for Neurotrope to raise during A Round Financing and the intended use of such new amount following the completion of the new A Round Financing (and amend this Agreement to reflect such agreement).
Automatically as set forth in SECTION 6.1(B) above; or
Automatically. All obligations under this Agreement shall terminate at the earlier of Closing or the termination of the Asset Purchase Agreement.
Automatically. In the event that the Deposited Material is released to Licensee in accordance with the terms of this Agreement; or thirty (30) days after Licensors or Licensee issue to all other parties hereto a written certificate averring that Licensors severally are no longer subject to any Obligation under the Loan Agreement; provided that such termination shall not occur on such basis if Licensee disputes any such certificate submitted by Licensors by sending Licensors and Escrow Agent notice to that effect in writing within such period.
Automatically. This Agreement shall automatically terminate in accordance with the provisions of Section 2.2.
Automatically. This Agreement shall terminate automatically if:
Automatically. This Agreement shall terminate automatically, and all rights of Arno pursuant to this Agreement shall revert to Invivis upon termination of the License Agreement.